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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Laptop problems...

You know, I've used many computers...and they load alright. But not this computer, this computer is a piece of crap! Like whenever a video loads, after like...3,4,6 seconds, it loads.

I was like...what the heck man! Which I felt like saying what the hell but of course, I don't wanna say that. Which I just did, but that was an example!

Anyways, it's like 1 or 3 quarters of the video, it freezes or loads. The most irritating part is the beginning. When it loads the full video, it takes a long time to load it finish.

Or buffer as you might say. Sometimes this computer gives me the nerves. And you'll never understand how angry this makes me...

Not unless you have the same problem. And of course, I won't go "ALL CAPS RAGE!!!" and stuff. Which means I won't go frustrating or boiling anger to a computer.

But I didn't do anything, this computer has the mind of it's own. It kepts trying to freeze the videos or make them load slower.

It just stinks a lot. Really. Well, sometimes it wants me to wait, but I just don't get patient sometimes. But I'm not like this stupid angry german kid right here:
 Yes you guys probably known this kid dates back ago. And yes, this guy is psycho. But I told you, I'm not him. Neither will I be like him.

And okay, that wasn't too pleasant. Sorry you had to hear that :P

Yeah, I won't go like some kind of cocaine minor psycho and go crash the laptop or the keyboard.

I don't even know why I called AGK and cocaine minor psycho. But who cares really. I think if my parents watch this, they'll be naggy and stuff.

They think this isn't appropriate for teenagers or something, well yeah, it isn't. But if this is what I'm thinking, there's no point arguing.

Cuz' I would've the same thinking as they do. I think. I dunno, now when I'm writing this blog, the video just starts to go to normal mode. 

Yes, I'm watching a youtube video right now and it's now loading and playing as normal. My computer has a low amount of disk space. I tried deleting the unnecessary files. B

But from now, I can't really delete anymore programs cause those are really needed for this computer. Without them, I can't do anything on the computer or on the internet.

So it's like when the video loads real slow, it really must be when I go to other continues playing.

If I don't start going to the other sites, it it must be when I start changing the url on the address bar.

Okay so I hope you enjoy yourself and don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers! And also, play School Invaders...

Bye :)

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