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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cars 2 Movie Review

Alright this movie is the rock! No I don't mean the actual rock, I mean that it is awesome.

Haha! Lol XD 

Anyways... eh hmm! This is the movie that gives no dissapointment. Well I'm not saying TF3 and Captain America are dissapointing.

Just that the endings and parts are kind of bad like Ironhide died in tf3 and Captain America didn't get his date...

Okay maybe that's dissapointing but let's just get onto the point here shall we?

Umm...let's see...okay.  This is awesome, I like the beginning though. I was like...

"Oh my god oh my god, it's a fishing boat with eyes and a mouth!"

I've seen the first Cars movie and yet now I act like as if I didn't. Lol XD

Well I guess it's natural when it comes to stuff like this. Okay let's see umm... so the waves were big and the fishing boat is going with Finn...McMissile. 

He's this guy:
Yes he's the guy with the grill that looks like a mustache. Not sure what he car is though...umm...let's see...

Oh! Here it is, it's a Aston Martin DB5. To see Finn's bio...go here >>>>>link<<<<<

Yeah it was written there that it's a Aston Martin DB5. Yes the real car looks different.

But because he needed to look like he has a mustache...they needed to have it shaped like one.

Awesome. I like it that he can do every single thing in a he is unbeatable. 

Mater finally gets a girlfriend which is also a spy who's called "Holley Shiftwell". I'm not really sure why her last name is Shiftwell.

What? Does she move stuff here and there well? Or does she press the shift key on the keyboard everyday?

XD Lol

I gotta admit she looks cool and sexy. Here she is...

She looks awesome doesn't she? 

And there's one thing I don't get...why the freak does Tokyo use so many electricity for all those lights? What the freak dude!

They're gonna end up paying billion of dollars by the end of the year. Weird...

I dunno...but it's just a movie's not real. The picture you see above of Holley was taken when she was with Finn.

They went there to find out what doctor was up to...don't ask me who. But I really don't wanna spoil it for you...

But here's a link to the full info on the movie...

Go there by clicking here 

Yes wikipedia can explain everything you needed. I don't like to spoil it for you so...

You might as well just click the link above :)

I got really excited when they were at the airport. Seriously, I still have a love for planes. There's two airlines named...Turboloft and...Samairao...or something. I dunno.
Here's an awesome pic of him flying at night... looks really cool doesn't he?

He's got al that blue paint over him and a white base. He's a jumbo jet. And it's called a car transporter or Everett instead of planes.


Oh wait...I think Everett is the TurboLoft plane that flew McQueen and Mater to Tokyo. I dunno.

But I got two snapshots of the second airline that was at the same airport. Here it is...
Click to Zoom
 Yeah it's a completely white plane with red colors. The base is mostly fills up to the bottom of the windows.

I like it that the engines are painted red in color. And that plane just standing there doing nothing at all. 

I'm not even sure why they're just idling there doing nothing. Even the lavatory truck is just standing there waiting for something to happen.

And that's when one of the bad guys fall into the car poop. Lol XD It was kind of funny.

I like that scene. And I wonder how he get near the plane. I don't see anyone around except for the plane and the lavatory truck. 

And the stewardesses are just chatting inside the plane not doing anything. Besides why would a plane stand on a runway?

What is it going for people's amusement? Trying to see how a plane would look like if another lands or take-off behind it?

I dunno. But here's an incomplete video of Finn and Mater escaping from the bad guys...
Yeah we didn't get the rest of the scene though.

It sucks, really. Oh! And here's another screenshot of what happened to the bad guy in the green.

Honestly I don't even know their names :P Here's it:
 The other door was left opened so he flew out and landed into the container of car oil poop. 

Lol XD

Anyways, yeah I don't really like Mater always not getting anything. That idiot always mess things up.

Mater is such a dumbass. Like when Holley asked him to go off the pit he still acts dumb and stay at the pit then later he comes out.

Mater, are you f***ing stupid or what? And then he embarassed McQueen in front of everyone.

But going to taste the water and looking like a greedy dumbass. Cuz' that's what he's trying to be like. 

And leak stupid oil. What the freak Mater, what the freak is wrong with you!? But then he learnt that everyone around him thinks of him as a dumb idiot.

Finn never looks down on Mater but and yet still sees him as an idiot. Soon he realises he has been acting like a clown and that everyone has been laughing at him and saying bad things about him.

And when they're about to get off the runway with Siddley helping...Siddley is the spy jet that flies Finn and Holley to their missions.

He's such an idiot, get on the freaking plane you dumbass. Doesn't he know it's not the time to talk? I feel like ripping Mater apart or something.

Of course, not literally. But I'm just glad Mater didn't blow up when that bomb was attached to his trunk :D

And I really like the animation during the credits. Looks really cute but didn't see the entire thing cuz' my dad kept asking me to go and that sucks because of him ):<

Then we got to Swensens to eat some food. I was about to go to the toilet then dad didn't want me to.

Cuz' he knew I'll wash my hands with soap. Yeah I'm a really hygienic person and I like to take bathes :P

Unlike other people who don't understand. Damnit. And I think Holley has nice lips :*. I wish she was my girlfriend when she's human.

Jeez...and I wonder where Doc Hudson is. Didn't see him in the entire movie. Hope he didn't pass ):

I even wear a black t-shirt that has him on it. It's the only Cars shirt that I have. Sadly ): 

Wish I could see more Cars though :)

Anyways, go check out the movie. It's the best...and didn't even dissapoint me. Remember to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)