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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tutorial: How to embed a video and automatically play/replay it

Hello everyone. Today, I'm gonna be teaching you a tutorial on how to embed a video and make it automatically play or replay.

So let's begin :D

1. First of all, go to:

2. Find any video you would like to embed onto your blogspot or website. 

3. For example, I want this video:
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Once you've found your video, double-click on either the title or the image.

4. After that, pause the video and scroll down to the place where the description and where everything is. Click "Share".
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5. Once you've clicked "Share". Click on "Embed".
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6. Now click on this image to know what to do with the embed options:
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Un-tick/Un-check the "Show suggested videos when the video finishes".

7. After you've copied the HTML code. Go to your blogger dashboard. Click on "New Post".  Or anywhere else you wanna put it:
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8. Then as you've known, there's a post box for you to type a new post on your blog.

Above on the top-right corner, you'll see two tabs called "Edit HTML" and "Compose". Click on "Edit HTML".
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9. Paste the HTML code there:
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10.You can also adjust the width and height of the video which is very important. So that the video box does not oversize the width and height of the post. They're shown here:

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They are found on the first line and the second last line. My adjustments are 'width="425" height="349"'

11. Now click on "Compose" and it'll look something like this:
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How to automatically

1. Click on this image:

2. Yes this is a website called "Tools 4 Noobs". Just scroll down a little bit and you'll see a generator right there.

3. Open a new window or tab and go to your YouTube video. For me, I've already chosen mine. So copy the URL or embed code of the video:

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I recommend embed code. As it's the easiest way to do it. Then paste it onto the empty box.

5. Now type in the width and height using this sizes:

For me is 425x349. Now, there's two box which has a leading to the width and height. I would recommend you fill in BOTH.

Cuz' if you leave one empty, the generated code doesn't show either the width or the height when those boxes are not filled in.

6. Then now tick the boxes that you want this embed code to become. The reason there's a text that says "(leave empty to take the values from embed code)" is because of the check/tick boxes. Not the width and height. And for my settings, it would be:

 So...yes the boxes which aren't ticked will allow the generator to take the values from the original code that you pasted.

7. Once that is done, click "Generate code".

8. After clicking "Generate code", let it load and this will appear below the button:
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It will give you the code and a preview of what it'll look like.

So once the code is copied and pasted, it should look something like this:

Note:  Pause the blog theme while watching this video. Thank you. 
Link to video:

And now you're done :D 

I'll be making a short tutorial on the  new short embed code that YouTube has used. It's the latest thing that ever happened to a embed code on YouTube :)

So don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)