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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon New Trailers

Now I'm gonna go through a few tf3 trailers. This is the first one. Now this is the first offical movie trailer found on YouTube.

And more footage and updates are shown :D Yeah, and there's more which I'll show you later. If you turn your volume like...somewhere in the middle or like... 80% It'll sound EPIC! Epicly awesome!

Now first we saw the ship that we saw earlier in the teaser and the ship crashed and the Apollo 11 was there. After the ship crashed, they heard it's noise and went to investigate.

The part from 0:31 to 0:33 was confusing though. I didn't know what she said. Did she say "If you brief a word about what you've seen here, would you have time for threesome?" 

I dunno, is that what she said? Not really sure though. What are they about to do some kind of erotic stuff? Jackass. 

They should really have some subtitles though. For some words that might not be heard properly. 

And the other part was from 0:57 to 2:24 was of course, epic! Pure epic and awesome! And there's one part I think I saw the decepticon, Crankcase.

He's spotted at this duration: 1:05 

That part I think that's the actual Crankcase decepticon :D I knew this usually because I heard of the deluxe figure, Crankcase:

Yeah but I actually prefer Crankcase in the movie rather than Crankcase's own action figure.

Look at the face on the box right there, his eyes aren't even circular. 

I prefer it look like that in the trailer and the movie. And yeah...Crankcase is definitely a bad-ass look one of a kind decepticon.

1:21 And yay :D Simmons is back! Finally. The crazy guy >:O Maybe he's not crazy. But I dunno what he's gonna do in the movie.

Not really sure though. 

1:25 And here we see the ship of the decepticons. Usually it was launched in this part of the trailer 
---> 1:05 

1:32 This part was kind of funny though. Shockwave was like...
Ohhhh, I crapped my pants D:

XD Lol 

And yeah, he was standing on top of the drilling transformer right there. This drilling transformer is called Driller. As part of what he does.

This is an image of Optimus battling with the Driller in his jet suit:

And yeah... I dunno where he got that jetpack. Must've kept the Jetfire's parts still. 

So yeah, Driller is this...long endless drilling snake worm thingy that is shown in the trailer bringing down a building that Sam and Mikaela are in. The duration is found here: 2:08

As you can see, Driller surrounds the middle floor of the building with his endless long body and starts to bite in with his teeth you see in the beginning of the Driller's body. 

And he starts tighten himself and the building falls apart. 

2:06 And yeah Optimus is OBVIOUSLY in it. The reason I put that duration here was because of his chest. Look at that! That part is not covered D:<

Look ugly as hell. 

2:13 Robert Epps shouts "TANK!!!" What is he? In left 4 dead?

So yeah, the trailer was truly epic! Love it. Now to get onto the other exclusive trailers.
 Now this is nothing much. Same really, only some extra footage including Mirage! Yes Mirage the Autobot. 

Even though he looks KIND of like a decepticon... it's this guy:

This is the exact Mirage we're talking about. I didn't really know he is actually. Usually because I don't watch G1 series and...also because I hate the Animated series.

0:10 <--- He is shown here

But Mirage looks AWESOME as heaven. I don't wanna say hell. Cuz' hell is not awesome at all. Heaven is.

And he got some cool long sharpy sword that can be deployed out of his lower arm. Usually some transformers can do that.

It's an obvious part of a transformer where the weapon can be placed. And yeah remember the Driller and Optimus with jetpack that I was talking about?

Yeah, it's found in this duration: 0:24 

Now onto another trailer:
Okay now onto the durations. 

0:09 This part Sam was saying "It's starting". It feels like something bad is about to happen. And yeah, it's this thing ---> 0:07 

Where the beam points up to the sky and onto the moon. 

0:17 Then here, I dunno what Sam said. It's either "OMG!" or "What is she!?". I dunno but I'm pretty sure he said "Where is she!?".

That must've been the problem, I guess. 

0:25 Yeah the narrator was like a freaking robot saying that. In some trailer, he does. And other narrators. 

It's like some fast-foward his voice but in a normal pitch. 

Next trailer:
 Now let's get ON with it >:D

0:02 This is awesome. Now Wheelie is in the movie :D Man I love this guy. For a second I though he allied himself with the Decepticons.

And it was hilarious. He was like "Get on little doggy". Then he said "Woa-pash" like as if he's using a whip to whip the dog's ass 

XD hahaha!!!

0:10 Wow. This part was where Soundwave's droids deploy. And that's the decepticon, Laserbeak.

Laserbeak looks awesome. But he belongs to hell >:(

And boom! He transforms --->0:14

0:17 Now this part is where Optimus flies down from the building. I dunno, cuz' he was fighting and he must've merge with Starscream's jet parts and flew there.

Nah, I don't think so. I just dunno how he got those wings and engines. 

0:19  And Robert Epps. was like "Oh it's on baby!". Yeah! It's kick-ass time >:D Man I really love how he did that. I feel like repeating that part of the trailer. IT'S ON BABY, IT'S ON!!!

0:20 Wow the Optimus pulls out his sword and that was awesome. Yeah it's on. 

And 0:23 Lol the old camaro got bumped at the back XD hahaha!!!
Sam was like "Woooaaa!" 

0:24 And Bumblebee transforms. Before that a soldier was saying "How's your car now?". He's saying it like as if they thought they already destroyed Bumblebee.

But! They got the wrong car >:) 

So yeah Bumblebee transforms and bam! Attack mode! Yeah >:D

0:28 That's my car. It's like in Transformers 1st movie. But let's never go back to there again.
 Okay so I think this is the last one. It's on!

0:03 Then Sam was telling Bumblebee. He was like "Bee, there's something going on here, the moon program, the cover-ups, the's all led to this". 

It's like he's solving some kind of case or something. Which he is. 

0:13 And did you see that engine or whatever that was flying towards the beam? It seems to be the engines and wings Optimus was using.

Optimus must've killed that Decepticon and took his parts.

0:16 And holy crap. Did you see that? Sam is sitting on Starscream's chest :O Yeah you can see Starscream turning his head away and Sam shaft that knife into Starscream's face. 

Aw...I love Starscream ): 

Starscream looks awesome. And also we see the soldiers including Lennox running with Ratchet and Bumblebee behind. 

0:19 Oh and cool! :D Marine soldiers. Cool. Especially the guy on the left who is wearing a snorkel.

0:20 A decepticon being destroyed >:) 
And this is an awesome commercial of Chevrolet. And yes, it's Bumblebee.

0:00 This is a scene where the choppers fly to the city. Which is Chicago. And...

0:04 to 0:09 Bumblebee sticks together with Sideswipe >:) Yeah! Baby, let's do this! I like the sounds at the beginning though. At 0:04 

0:09 to 0:16 Oh yeah! Stealth mode >:) If you're wondering what Stealth mode is, it's one of the modes that goes in the game.

Where Bumblebee is half-car, half-weapons and cannons. 

0:16 to 0:21 Yeah this is the part where after Starscream was destroyed by Sam when he shafts the thin sharp knife into Starscream and he died.

This duration is what happened after Starscream is dead. Then Sam and Simmons or Leo. I dunno if Leo is still in the movie.

I hope so. Cuz' he is funny as heaven. -_-zzz...

And 0:21 and Bumblebee sounded like something in his main circuits are breaking or something. I dunno but he usually makes those kind of sounds.


And I didn't get what the narrator was talking about at the end. What does he mean by..."It's just nice to know you can...".

Can what? Drive? Wipe my ass? XD Lol...wipe my ass. Good one. -_-zzz... 

Yeah I know, it's not funny *crickets chirping* 
Yeah I found an image and edit it and add the "What?" and the chirping sound words.

The original picture is found

And I also add a transparent background and save it as PNG. But anyways, I hope enjoy the new trailers that came out.

To see more, click on this image:
 Yeah, best poster...ever! This was the actual poster I saw when I came out from the cinema when I was watching Kung Fu Panda 2. 

To go see my Kung Fu Panda 2 review, click on this image:
 Yeah well, you can don't click it if you don't wanna. Cuz' we're not here to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 D:< 

Anyways, there are 2 clips of Transformers 3 and these are the two:

Clip #1: Now the thing is, I like this clip. But I don't like Mikaela. And it's just not fair at all, but I guess just because of one character doesn't mean the movie is not epic anymore.

And she was like "Mr. Gould...please you're exaggerating. All I've done is get your organized". And then she was moving her hands to each side. 

That was dope and stupid. Why would she do that? That's Mikaela. Mikaela never talk like that. And since when does she have this kind of dress?

She's a freaking car expert. I guess Michael didn't really know which woman he's talking about. And Mikaela is now talking like a freaking British. 

This is just totally no more Mikaela anymore. It's like the Rosie version of Mikaela now. When I'm watching this movie, I'm not gonna be concentrating on her, I'm gonna be concentrating on the entire movie.

Can't believe Megan quit the franchise. The movie would've been awesome if Megan was still in it. And I know, I know... I'm one of the complain kings right now. 


Oh wait, that's not true. I just found out that Mikaela character has been out of the list, check it out here 

The new Rosie is actually called "Carly Miller". Whew, good thing she's not Mikaela. Or else that would suck! Looks like Sam has a new girlfriend.

But come on! Mikaela is BETTER than Carly. Carly is only 90% and Mikaela is only 95% hot.

Clip #2: It was okay I guess. Epic as you might say. It's just pure epicness. 

Oh! And I forgot another trailer(alternate version):
And sorry about this though. Cuz' there's still more trailers to come and yes, I'm gonna review the next trailers next time.

Now onto the durations:

0:21 to 0:22 Who the heck is this old man right here? And he's making those lips as if he wanna kiss someone or something :*


0:55 to 0:56 and there's actually an alternate part of Driller still crushing the building. It's not very noticeable but it's there. 

0:35 And a quick second of Mr. Gould running and escaping from the building.  

Well anyway, yeah this maybe the last trailer of this post. I dunno if there's still others. But anyways, I hope you enjoy listening to crickets chirping because of how long this post is.

So don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)