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Saturday, June 15, 2013

GRAVION Anime Review

Yes people, it's what you think it is. This is my very first review of an anime series. I do watch anime, it's just that I never really review it before. So now...

Gravion is gonna be my very first review as I've just finished watching the last episode. You of the reasons I watch this anime was because of this woman right here...

Yes it is. The oldest and busty lady in the Gravion group. And she's most commonly known as DIVA Mizuki. But her actual first name isn't DIVA, it's Tachibana.

Yes so this gorgeous busty lady's full name is Tachibana Mizuki. Well she's one of the reasons I watch this anime. The other reason I watch this anime which I bother less was that this anime is basically a giant gundam robot fighting alien ships. 

And that's pretty much all there is to this anime. Each member in the group uses vehicles and planes as they're all Gravion technology. And these anime takes place in the future. 

And yeah, Japan certainly is colorful in whatever future generation artworks they do. I gotta admit.

The ending of this anime is what concerns me most which affects the entire anime series. But I'll get to that later somewhere at the ending part of this review. 

This anime starts out in the future where the main antagonist in this series named Eiji Shigure. Is spend pretty much his life finding answers to his missing sister who is named Ayaka Shigure. 

And yeah the first episode I watch was kinda stunning. I remembered Eiji was disguised as a waitress and when a dude came to Eiji to ask him out as he thinks Eiji is a woman when he's not.

I think it was a pilot. I don't remember but I'm sure of it. He ran off and took off his disguise. And it was a bummer.

Eiji wore a fake rack rubber cloth onto his chest and the dress he was wearing makes that cloth stay in place so that people think those are actual boobs when they're not. So he ran off. Puts the wig onto a statue's head. And throws the dress off onto the hallway floor.

And then Eiji stumbles upon the Sandman whose an owner of the Gravion castle where all the maids stay and also where the Gravion robot, vehicle and jets are held in.

And Eiji just happens to step into one of the Gravion's jets. Which makes me a little confused. If there were two jets. Then who was the original pilot flying that Gravion jet before Eiji did in the rest of the series?

He just happens to step into the cockpit of the jet. And it was when the all the Gravion vehicles and jets were at their mission to fight off these evil alien ships called the Zeravire. 

The group of Gravion pilots and drivers combined and the jet that Eiji is in, flies off it's internal runway of the castle. 

The jet somehows sees the G-Factor within Eiji and grants him to fly the Gravion jet. Dude, if that were to be true, anyone could get away with anything by just stealing one of the Gravion vehicles or jets. 

So then that's that. Eiji is like...automatically signed onto the mission with his Gravion crew. And in this show we have a few characters that can be annoying at times throughout this entire anime series.

The first character we have is Touga the captain of the Gravion crew. He is this blue-haired, polite teenager which is due to his inexperience of the outside world as he has been living in the castle for nearly his entire life. 

But when he's fighting with the Zeravire, he is very focus and his voice changes. I dunno why. He has some sort of power that has something to do with his voice box or something. 

And unlike other Gravion crew, Touga pilots a Gravion robot. And he engages the combine of all the Gravion vehicles and jets. And after combination, the movement is controlled by him. While the weapons in each arm and legs are controlled by the other teammates. Well, they also have a Gravion sword which is actually Touga's weapon. 

And then we have a kid who is named Runa. 

She's basically one of the youngest Gravion crew. She drives around in the Gravion driller vehicle. Which when combined, becomes the Gravion robot's arm. 

And she always bitches Eiji around sometimes. I dunno but I didn't really care much about her. She is seen mostly doing the Gravion tornado punch when fighting with the Zeravire.

Next we have this isolated girl named Leele

She's an orphan who has certainty that her parents are dead due to her suffering of amnesia. 

As she has no recall of the death of her parents and now lives with the Sandman. And the past affects her life as well. Her parents perhaps are not even dead.

Cause her last name was actually Zeravire. That's right. It just goes to show that it's a mystery whether her parents are the ones who's attacking Earth often. 

And her role in fighting the aliens doesn't do anything. Yes! She clearly doesn't have anything to do with the fight.

She's just a girl sitting inside the G-Shadow and that's all there is to her. She doesn't fight or anything. She's just there. 

And we also got Eina

She can be very clumsy at times. And that's the problem I have with this character. It just felt like she sometimes just can't do anything right. Like helping Eiji to carry one of the bags that had oranges in each bag. 

But she just accidentally emptied the bag of oranges as she only holded one handle of the bag. Idiot. Who holds only one handle of the bag when you're suppose to hold both.

And she's also one of the Gravion crew. I got no freaking idea how she got assigned onto the Gravion missions. She's always very afraid and that's just what annoys me. 

She just felt useless at some points in the series. 

Well I know one woman that's not like her or Runa or any other Loli maids in the castle. 


This character, I definitely have no problems with her. She's this seductive, busty character. She's not useless. Even though sometimes she just leans by the wall and such.

But she's still totally HOT! And as I mentioned before earlier, she's one of the reasons I watch this anime. Everytime I see her in each episode.

I bite my lower lip, smile and then say "Mizuki". She's so freaking hot. Purple suit that reveals her huge tits, her cleavage. 

And reveals her buttcheeks. PhaT' ASS! And yes the costume also forms a woman's underwear. That's just hot. 

I love it when she also pilots along with Eiji in the jets. And she's an alcoholic. Yeah she loves to drink alcohol. 

Heh heh :D Look at her when she's drunk here...

Look at those eyes! Lol XD

But she's still sexy as hell. Those boobs! :D-----

And whenever she's in the cockpit. She always bend over to the controls. And we can see her ass. And her tits always cover the lower controls which apparently doesn't do anything. 

There's one part where they were at a beach. And when they have to get into the Gravion vehicles&jets, she's in her swimwear and she's god damn sexy when she's in there.

Here it is! :D

Damn! Oh this is from episode 7
->link<- a="">

See those white things covering her boobs? Revealing her cleavage? God dang , she's smoking hot. That orange hair too. I love her too much XD

She's even in some hentai games of her own and is created by the artist named Jyubei. Go google it. 

Oh yeah and in episode 8. She was firing a minigun on a military sort of jeep. 

Episode 9. She seduced Eiji. When Eiji sneaks into Mizuki's room, Mizuki hid behind the door and attacks Mizuki. I dunno how she doesn't know that that's Eiji. 

But that doesn't matter. So Eiji hides under her table and yeah her room was dark. And quite big. I dunno if she does fap in her room but if she does, wow! :O 

Anyways, Eiji tells Mizuki. Mizuki stops Eiji seductively. Eiji climbed out of the table with a cloth covering his body. Mizuki crawls towards Eiji and kissed him. Probably even rape him.

But it's an anime, we can't show that sadly. And so Eiji freaked out. Lol XD

And then later she bathed and then tells Eiji about her relationship with Eiji's sister, Ayaka. They both were friends.

Then she brings Eiji on a tour to find the sight where Ayaka went missing. And that was quite an interesting mystery. But we have our busty tour guide anyway. So...meh :P

She's awesome and badass. 

If you want to see this scene, I suggest you click right... HERE

Oh okay. And then in this episode I know. No wonder there was an empty Gravion jet. That's how Eiji is granted to fly it. 

Thanks Mizuki, you're a great help 

And Mizuki's use in this crew is that she's not just woman who controls the Gravion jet which becomes a leg when combined. She's a hacker. 

She's really good at hacking. And that's what she does in her spare time or when someone needs to crack a code, that's when she comes in.


Man everything I say about her, I take it sexually. Lol XD

I wish she's real. And that's all I can say about these characters. Including Mizuki. Haha! Okay I'll stop.

So far this anime spent most of it's time fighting the Zeravire. And Eiji finding his lost sister Ayaka. But the last episode kinda sucks.

We never fulfilled to see Ayaka meets Eiji. She disappeared but they didn't even bother to find her. Eiji just dreamt about her and that's it. 

I dunno, I have really watch their second series, Gravion Zwei. Apparently they have another season. So yeah, I'm gonna watch that and probably even review it.

And the fight in the last episode. The sword they called Gravion Breaker. It's a waste of time. See, there's no point bringing that up.

If they're gonna use the Gravion Breaker, why not use it sooner? Why waste it for a last battle of this season?

It's like they just bring it there to the battle with the Zeravire and it broke and that's it. And then Sandman gives them a Super Heavyweight sword.

Which honestly, I don't even think it's "super heavyweight". It still looks like a freakin' sword to me. And oh! It kills the Zeravire. 

And throughout nearly the entire season, we never see the home planet of the Zeravire. We never saw that until this last episode. 

The problem I had with these aliens is that they attack Earth. But with what purpose, what did we do to harm them that cause them to take revenge on us?

That was never explained. Or maybe I just forgot. So the "Super Heavyweight" sword was never used until the last episode. Why didn't they just use it throughout the season?

It's kinda stupid, to be honest. 

I dunno, I gotta watch Zwei to find out what other things happened after episode 13 of the first season. So yeah, cya people next time and don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.