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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eye Toons

I've created this new logo for my Mortal Kombat cartoons.

Ever since I created the Mortal Kombat characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Ermac, Rain, Raiden, Noob Saibot and Smoke...I figure out I make a logo for their cartoons.

Yeah, it's called "Eye Toons". Usually because of their fierce anger-ed eyes, I named them Eye Toons.

And get this: It even sounds like "iTunes" :D Awesome right? That's what it rhymes with. Thanks for that really.

I dunno if I'm stealing somebody's idea having their cartoons named "Eye Toons". Okay let's see...ummm...nope!

Clearly no one created a cartoon called Eye Toons. So I'm clearley the first one to create Eye Toons.

Sam H. Collends...the creator of Eye Toons.

Or should there be...

Illustrator- Sam H. Collends
Author- Sam H. Collends
Creator- Sam H. Collends 
Made by- Sam H. Collends

XD Lol All of them is me. Yes, it's all made by just ONE person. Who is that you ask? It's me! I'm not joking around here, I did those Mortal Kombat arts.

If you want a prove that it belongs to me, here's an actual screenshot I took a few minutes ago:
Click to Zoom
Yes so this is this is where I keep all my work. 

Sorry if I use Windows XP. But my colour settings are awesome. It's almost hi-def 

Just that I'm using a laptop right now so the colour's saturation is not that high. I dunno but maybe HD screens have great saturations.

And sharpness of course. Usually saturation makes the images all colourized but not very sharp. So of course, you need to adjust the level of the Sharpness.

Usually people don't like brightness, but they'll never see that the saturation of the screen is awesome.

I dunno. It's like having Blu-Ray on your screen. Exactly. So anyways, I don't wanna spoil any further. You've seen it once, now I'll show you again with the logos put onto them: 

 Awesome huh? Smoke has the most amount of space for his logo. Awesome. Crap, I kept using the word "awesome".

Sorry, It's the only word I could think of. Or...nice...yeah.

But I dunno maybe. Anyways, yes, just wanna make a shoutout and an announcement so I hope you guys enjoy the arts, hopefully I'm gonna make another one.

Very soon, I'll update that "Newest Deviations" Gadget for you all. Just remember to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)