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Monday, October 17, 2011


We have our script checking today after ever since the exams has ended and that it has carry onto a few weeks before our holiday starts.

My cousin and I have our holidays to start somewhere around the end of November. So yeah...that's like a month. Certainly.

And gotta tell you...holy heck dude...I have a bunch of Cadet Corps stuff to do based on the calendar where the events are marked on each box.

Heck this week there's a ton of stuff. See this is what I don't get. Which irritates me a little bit. It's like everytime there's a good time to relax...

Something unexpected comes in the way. Well some people say "Expect the unexpected". Well I dunno it's true of course. 

And I kind of hate that it is. Kind of...not really. But seriously...don't the Cadets ever take a break. Besides it's the almost till the end of the year.

What are they gonna drill about? I dunno but it just doesn't feel right. But anyways we should get onto the subject that we're basically talking about. 

Yeah today's the first day of our script checking. Script checking is when we check our papers and do some corrections on it.

Like going through the papers with the teacher. And I'm the sad one. I use to be top of everything...well not everything.

And yet this happened to me. It's the final one of the year and this is what I've done that dissapointed me. But I have no one to's my fault. 

Well this does sound bad. But yeah I'm only in the highest in Design and Technology. That sucks cuz' it's all the woodcraft and stuff like that.

Like what a carpenter would do and stuff. Which kinda sucks cuz' I don't wanna be a carpenter in my future. Hopefully nobody does and some of them are not that smart to know what a carpenter does.

If they were to know what he would be cheap for just one sentence that comes out of their very mouth.

"They just cut wood I guess?"

Well okay maybe they do BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT!


The point is that if I know what that means. No upgrading my level in the next grade and no TF3 DVD ;(

I've worked so hard to go to a higher level in the next grade and what I want is what I get. Unfortunately...that's almost false. 

But I hope the overall is what that matters though. That WORRIES art that I made still remains as it is now. 

The subject I failed badly in was Home Economics. Sh**ty. But I don't wanna be a fry cook either. Why would I?

Artist maybe the best option. I dunno. Despite the fact that I have an active account on deviantART. Lol :D

Anyways I have nothing else to say so. Hope you like the new "More..." link :)

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