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Friday, August 26, 2011

TF3 Cybertron

Finally...we got a snapshot of the cracked egg Cybertron. Lol what? XD

Yeah you guys remember me talking about the Cybertron that looks like a freaking cracked egg? Yeah...this is what I meant. They finally got a screenshot of it...or snapshot.

Whatever! But the thing is, Cybertron is Primus. How can Primus look like a freaking cracked egg. Seriously...

But Primus wouldn't be in the movie cuz' he's a gigantic robot that's bigger than the size of a planet when he's in robot mode.

In that picture, you can much bigger Cybertron is compared to Earth. Jesus!

And yes, the beginning the plates above the surface look like diamonds...

What the heck is that? D:< Cybertron looks a lot something like this:
Yeah it sucks, it should've looked like the city in War for Cybertron.

And about the DOTM game. I actually prefer Activision, Luxoflux and Hasbro. Those company rock the game.

But War for cybertron configuration and graphics make it kind of suckish. The game's ending is where the beginning of the movie is. 

I find it really stupid though. They didn't go according to the movie plot. What the freak is wrong with them?

Jeez. Activision, Luxoflux and Hasbro should really do their own version of DOTM game. That would rock for me!

Anyway, so yes, this is what I basically wanna talk about and ummm...that's it.

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