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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fairly Odd Movie and...funny "Sittin' On the Toilet" remixes

Aw crap...yes this is the official real movie of a cartoon called "Fairly Oddparents". 

This is the real version. And Timmy has grown up till a 23 years old boy. As he has always stayed as a 5th grader. 

He's never gonna grow up. Till Tootie arrives. Yes that's her and umm...yes. Somewhere at the middle they found out that Tootie was the girl who interrupted Magnet's lecture.

But yeah so anyways, I'm not gonna spoil everything for you. Wikipedia is here to help... click on this link to know everything ---> link 

Yeah so ummm... I guess they couldn't find a kid to do Timmy. They should really bring Zach Gordon into Timmy, that would be awesome.

But I'm not saying Drake Bell is the worst. He's awesome. He's in the cast because of the main story of Timmy as a grown up kid who still stays in the 5th grade. 

Jeez...the only voices that matches the cartoon was... Jorgen, Timmy's dad and Crocker. They were the only ones which has a very similar voice :D

Anyways, it was a great movie, I'm gonna watch it again on first September when it starts. Yeah I actually watched it online on YouTube.

The video quality is like... 70%. And it's flipped horizontally ):< So I need to watch it again...or I want to o_O

Anyways, I'm gonna watch it again on Nick and try to review a second part. I dunno, maybe. 


The other thing is... I was at my school's computer lab with my classmates and we were currently having a lesson. 

So he played this funny remix of the "Sittin' On the Toilet" video. It was funny as hell. You guys should go see it.

You're gonna laugh your ass off when you see that video...which will be shown right here:
I bet're laugh till you drop. Well, it's like as if you're gonna fall off your chair. Not literally. 

Oh yeah, and drag the dot to 0:37. That's where the funny music happens. Awesome. I like the drumstick beat at the beginnig XD Awesome.

As it starts out...toilet toilet toilet *rolls head clockwise repeatedly* Sittin' Sittin' Sittin' 

XD What the freak!? You guys should really watch the video. Please, it'll laugh your ass off, I guarantee you. And no, there's no ghost or monster that's gonna pop up.

And make a scary voice. If I knew that line, I would've given you the video, if I didn't...I wouldn't. Another one...
This is kind of quick one and funny too. It goes.....

Toilet toilet toilet then the editor cranked up the repeating process. You know, like mess it up with stereos. I dunno what that is.  

But you might wanna skip somewhere till 0:13

Then it goes...

Don don...don don XD Lol It's so freaking hilarious. Then it's this dancing music that goes along. Then she moves her head left and right repeatedly with that wide eyes and folded out lips. 

What the freak dude! It's so hilarious. Watch it D:< don't have to watch it if you don't wanna. But I suggest you do.

Anyway here's one reversed it too...
Yes watch the god damn video and you'll laugh. I assure you no disappointment or boredom ;) If there is, I wouldn't show you it.

But anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)