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Friday, December 3, 2010

That's a close one

Man! You know this morning, Mom and Dad called me to go to their office this morning and I was like "Why do I have to go man?!" and "Aw man!Why do I have to go, stupid!"

Well, I'm just glad I didn't have to go you know. It would've been a rip-off if I have to go. Well, Dad says he'll come and fetch us later but...

In the end, they didn't because when they're about to leave, Mom got a message saying that they have enough people to work in the factory.

Good thing the good news came up sooner, or else we wouldn't have celebrate. Or when I am done changing, then Mom called and I have to change back.

That would be bad for ME. And you know what they made me do to eat lunch? WEAR MY PYJAMAS. I mean, I dun really like wearing my pyjamas and sitting downstairs.

It's like the cleanest thing in my wardrobe. So I have to put it in the laundry to let it wash and use again. I only like sitting there when I'm in my home clothes.

Well, I'm done here.