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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Artworks...stopped? D:

God what was I thinking? My years on deviantART came to a stop. I got suspended or even the worse, banned. 

I felt so stupid you know. I know deviantART doesn't allow porno stuff. And I should've just censored BETTER! 

I regret, yes. I had a member on deviantART called "ElwisFromPoland". You can go here to see his profile -> [link]

I wanted to made a comic of Mortal Kombat. And now devart(the admin of deviantART) suspended me. I don't like this, it made me felt like my entire life on deviantART is gone I tell ya'. 

God please, please forgive me right now. I promise not to do anymore of this porno material. No more. 

Just nudity. Cuz' more or less that's allowed on deviantART. So no wonder the one on Veronica wasn't removed. The Veronica artwork piece I did here -> [link]

So users like DemonRoyal and others were only doing nudity. Not porno. That's what I should've think IN THE FIRST PLACE! 

If I hadn't post that journal entry on deviantART, none of this would've happen. I could've thought twice about this. More or less, read the damn policies.

I wouldn't have been suspended. Besides, who knew devart could be alive. I mean, it's just an admin who runs as a machine. Or a computer. Whatever, they're the same obviously. 

And I'm not calling any names cuz' things might get worse. So now I'll have to be more careful of what is it that I'm gonna do.

Just gotta keep this things on the list for my next artpieces on deviantART. If I was may to submit more artpieces. So nudity it is. Porno on  DirtyDirtySam.

Today is one big lesson I learnt. What you say matters, sometimes the heart can't take it. But machines don't have hearts, they have programming. 

Aw man this reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. That robot that needs ink to run it's life. No heart. Hmmm :\ I was that robot (not literally). But in a more bad way.

I gotta learn to be careful and smarter at what I'm doing. And to make sure things are at the right place so I don't get banned for life :) And now I felt like banding down onto my knees.

Please god please! Forgive my act of disorder. I do not wish to be treated like a thug. As I'm not one. I've learnt my lesson. And yes, I believe in God. 

And I just made a bunch of words and forgot to made the list of what's coming up next. But this words are worthy. So deal with it :|

  • Mortal Kombat comic - Scorpion was told to draw fire because he pretty much use anything for fire like cooking. And a random character (e.g. Rain) tells him to draw fire. Which is meant to be telling Scorpion to stop that as to not danger everyone in the house. Scorpion did stop the fire in his palm. Then he took a piece of paper and literally drew a fire. Then the character facepalms.
  • Any of my OC that licks a plate clean with their sexy tongue (+18)
  • Mortal Kombat female characters, those that are not done. Khameleon and Madison. 
I just wish I knew who was the one who got so mad that he/she reports my porno. Seriously, I wanna know that evil person. I dunno, maybe I went beyond someone else's limit and have he/she to get this off dA.

And great, now I gotta admit my censored pornos again. Apple Sauce! With my account suspended, I got 300 mails waiting for me to answer. What am I gonna do?

It just goes to show when you do the wrong thing, you'll lose your efforts on something that that people anticipates like movies and games fanart and comics.

Or maybe it's the other way to say it, I dunno, I'm out of philosophies. Well I'm still able to go to my profile page. But some of my gadgets are gone.

And I'm the ONE AND ONLY who can access my profile. It was deviantART's ways. They don't allow anyone to view a banned/suspended profile.

But I really do wish to get back everything I had before I got banned. Well almost everything. I will delete a little bit of my stuff. They removed my featured gadget, my ID. Except for my gallery, favourites, friends and watchers. Also groups.

That's good. But I still wish for them to re-install the gadgets. Now I know what the ! sign was for. It's the sign that goes on every deviant but it's ~ or =. = is for premium members and ~ is just for members who are well...

Not premium. And that's all it is. I just wish I got my account re-activated again. I got ideas I haven't even upload because of this suspension. And no it doesn't include porno material.

It just felt like the end of the world to me you know ;( I just wish someone I knew on dA could just talk to me and get to know how I felt about this incident.

Hmmm :\

All the wishes good luck ;| Now my messages are gonna climb 500-600, then on and so on. And osro just got back and now he's gonna continue the series of his transformers animations.

I've lost some of the things. I just hope that this doesn't come to a complete stop. In my heart, I'm a person kneeling down, facing down and rubbing my eyes with tears. 

Kneeling under a lamp post. Dark. 

It's just sad. Over the top sad. Well the least I did was I learnt my lesson. What else does anyone expect? Right? 

Cuz' we're humans, we learnt our mistakes. And I've made more than one. Got to learn them all in a row. I correct them one by one. Slowly, I'll realise things are just better than resulting to putting porno in the wrong place.

So anyways, as mentioned before, I really do hope I get everything back after I have been allowed to resume my work. And have everything nearly as the way it is.

Nearly. Just there's something I have to adjust to make everything running and safe. Well I've sent my appeal to the HelpDesk in deviantART(dA). 

They better receive it earlier. Or else I'll have a thousand plus of messages waiting for me. But now I'm running out of time and I'm so over my bedtime. 

My dad will make me stand on the road if I don't sleep before 11. Gosh what am I waitin'? You guys don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Konbawa! That means good night in Japanese. Lol XD