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Monday, June 3, 2013

Iron Man 3 Movie Review (SPOILERS!)

Hey everyone, it is now that I talk about my review of the recent movie superhero I've watched yesterday and it was indeed, Iron Man 3. As you can already tell from the title.

So the new Iron Man 3 movie is a continued from where we left off after the Avengers that was released last year. Except I dunno why this film takes places where Tony still stays at his mansion at Malibu. 

I dunno why the heck they didn't take two locations that are clearly owned to the rights by Tony. One is yes, the mansion. And the STARK Tower. What happened to that place? We didn't even get a glance of that building.

I mean, what do they do? Just leave it there like these? Even if they DID show it in the movie, could've at least shown that some scenes were in the STARK tower and that it was only the lobby scene. 

I noticed the part where Pepper finally met Aldrich after I dunno, 13...17 years I suppose? And as you can see Aldrich has transformed from where he was a crippled scientist. 

Who doesn't have a good leg. And he now came back in the present day as a handsome young adult with nice hair.

When he use to wear glasses and have curly long messed up hair. I dunno what they're trying to do here, first we see Loki in the Thor The Dark World trailer. Loki had curly hair in that one too and now this too?

What are they trying to pull here? That Loki and Aldrich could sign up to become the next Bee Gees? I dunno why I came up with this joke though, mostly because of the hair.

Oh yeah, that's right. Why question myself. Heh heh :D

So we take this place back in 1999 where it was in a New Years eve party. I forgot the god damn location where it was...

Oh yeah! Switzerland. Yeah yeah, Switzerland. Before Tony met Pepper, he met Maya who was a scientist who is the one who helped created Extremis virus with Aldrich. 

She helped Aldrich to create this virus so that people who have damaging parts of their body like bones that are not directed properly or most likely to take the facts into people that have one or two of their limbs amputated.

And with that it is taken into subject where some humans are tested to the Extremis virus. And if the body couldn't decide to accept the Extremis virus, they would result in self destruction as a glitch was performed by the body's denying of the virus.

So Tony takes Maya to some hotel room where the party takes place downstairs I think. And Happy was there too. He was still Tony's bodyguard I suppose and has long ass hair too and he has a beard.

Old times lol XD Roll with the long hair won't they? 

Aldrich was like a spas crippled scientist dude. And he looks like he's physically high on cocaine or something. Or just ate too much sugar.

Or maybe he was just psyched to see Tony and is a fan. Tony asks Aldrich to meet him on the rooftop for 5 minutes and Tony didn't appear. Aldrich would persevere to stay for 20 minutes as he might think Tony had some delays.

But Tony didn't turned up and all which humiliated Aldrich and Aldrich went back down the lobby and I wasn't quite sure what he meant by the shortcut.

If any of you knew, please explain to me. I would appreciate so much if you do. So he left the building dissapointed that Tony doesn't accept to work with Aldrich at his company called AIM which stands for Advanced Idea Mechanics. 

So apparently Aldrich builds himself up and meets up with Maya and expose himself to the Extremis virus that Maya created. And Maya came to work for Aldrich as her boss. 

Then now in the present day. Weeks after Tony and the other Avengers fight off the Chitauri. Back in the Avengers movie last year.

Tony discovers that after he survived that wormhole, he has been infected with anxiety attack. Due to his lost of consciousness after letting go off the missile. And destroying the Chitauri base. 

Which also disabled and kill all the Chitauri army. Tony soon discovers that he is unable to rest in his bed with Pepper every night.

Leaving her alone in bed every night, Tony had no choice but do anything that doesn't involve sleeping. 

Growing restless, Tony spent the rest of his hours building 42 armors. Yes 42 it was calculated. That's why the golden color schemed armor is the last armor he built. Mark 42. 42 suits, can you imagine? 

And he kept the horde of armors in his underground vault. Which was the only containment that wasn't destroyed after Tony threatens the Mandarin and causes his mansion to be fired upon and let this mansion face it's destruction. So yeah only some parts of the mansion was left intact. Although the whole place looks corroded. 

But we'll get to that later. Then we got onto the part where Tony discovers the Mandarin and continues to investigate these Mandarin attacks. 

We also got one scene where Happy was severely injured after two Extremis-infected humans created a scene. One was an ordinary Extremis-infected dude.

And I couldn't know how but his body already accepted the Extremis virus. And he has lived with it. And I couldn't fully understand what do these two meant by regulate :P

So one was a powered Extremis dude and the other was Aldrich's henchman, Eric Savin. He is also prolonged with the Extremis virus. And that dude who suddenly lost control of the virus, he explodes and vaporizes. 

Happy was within the significant blast radius and he got burnt severely. Before he fell into unconsciousness, he witness that Eric rises as his parts of his body regenerates back after the damage from the blast.

And it gives me the burning sensation. I gotta admit. It's like fire burning power is heating up the body rapid regeneration. He picks up the chain and walk out of the scene and nobody noticed him.

Oh yeah and Happy also tried to kick Eric's ass but failed because after one punch to the face, Happy noticed strange glowing cracks on his face and that crack healed. 

Happy tries to punch but fails as Eric catches Happy's fist and throws him in a short distance within the scene outside the muesum. Before that dude exploded. 

Then he was later bring to the hospital for weekly recovery. And later on Tony came out from some exit of a building and news reporters crowd around to ask him what is it that he could do about the Mandarin attacks.

Tony then loses his shit and threatens the Mandarin to come face to face. No authorities, no Pentagon as he would describe it.

Just a personal face to face. Aldrich didn't want Tony to know that the Mandarin was just a freaking drunk British actor. So Tony was actually threatening Aldrich without even realizing it.

So Aldrich sent three helicopter gunships to bomb down Tony's mansion as a response. And they have this discouraging music when all this is happening. 

And SERIOUSLY WTF ALDRICH!!! You corrupted Tony, how dare you. I gotta admit, Aldrich is worse than Ivan Vanko back in Iron Man 2. 

Seriously if this was how Aldrich wants to respond, his nothing but creating childish needs and has less ambition for a maniac.

That's right Tony, call Aldrich a maniac. Cause that's what he is. You know, Maya could've done a better job warning Tony though. 

Tony dives into the ocean along with the debris of his mansion. But JARVIS quickly saves Tony as he detaches the arm piece of the armor, makes a U-turn and grabs Tony's hand and pulls him out.

And Tony soon regains a short temporary awakening and later falls asleep while containing himself inside Mark 42. 

Tony didn't have to be the one controlling the suit as JARVIS is the one doing it. We all know that JARVIS is a computer with artificial intelligence. 

As they approach towards Tenesse, JARVIS alerts Tony to wake up and they're about to crash land. Tony then soon discovers that he is about to hit ground.

Tony then accidentally brutes through a bunch of forest trees. And lands. Tony started confused and why he is in Tenesse. As JARVIS earlier had made a flight plan which was arranged by Tony.

But Tony didn't want this as Pepper is still back and Malibu. Tony and Pepper soon fall apart literally. Pepper survived because Tony straps the armor onto her to protect her as she helps to escort Maya out of the collapsing mansion. 

Then when she and Maya is alright, Tony undress the armor off Pepper and puts it back onto Tony. Tony then fights off the helicopter gunships but fail to destroy the last one which appears to have Eric inside the cockpit. 

After Tony escapes and rises from the ocean and went for Tenesse, Pepper didn't know this but Tony survived because of our lovely computer, JARVIS. 

Thank you JARVIS. You've been in greater service than we ever imagined. Even though you sometimes love to insult Tony.

But it doesn't affect Tony though :) So later police and construction workers were sent to clean it up somehow after the destruction. 

After crash landing in Tenesse, JARVIS soon tells Tony that he needs to sleep and couldn't help Tony with the suit as it runs out of power and isn't capable of flying back to California.

With unfortunate events, the world that knew Tony Stark soon assume his death. Tony then drags the technological disabled Mark 42 to a house where we meet a kid named Harley.

And that's a nice potato gun he's got there. I have to admit. Tony soon reveals to Harley that he is Tony Stark. By showing the Mark 42 behind him.

He was the lucky bastard to meet Tony. So they worked together to find Mandarin.

Tony then soon discover some footage of Aldrich taking in people to test for the Extremis virus. And to see if their minds could accept the Extremis virus. 

Resulting in knowing that there wasn't just a bomb but it's a explosion that was caused by someone. Also some people who were interviewed by Aldrich and later tested to induce to the bloodstream of Extremis onto Ellen Brandt who is a redhead woman who has an amputated arm. 

She was chosen to subject the Extremis virus. As a result, the injection of the virus was successful and therefore the body lives with the virus. 

As the mind accepts this virus, she regrew her amputated arm into a complete fully operational organic hand. And Eric was just probably because he had some use to Aldrich so the Extremis was fused within Eric.

Tony later break into the headquarters and soon finds the Mandarin was nothing but a fraud. He was revealed to be a drunken British actor called Trevor Slattery. 

Who is forgetful of his roll in his stage name, the Mandarin. So he's a fraud yes :) I already said that. Shit! DX

So there was no Mandarin. Aldrich just creates him as a character. So this is a freaking rip off I have to say. I mean, they didn't even follow the comics.

Mandarin is actually a man who has ten rings. Each ring grants him one power. And where's that? Actually I didn't even want the Extremis in here.

Having Tony to just fight the Mandarin as AN ACTUAL VILLAIN would be awesome. And they now turn him into this drunken british actor.

The Extremis really destroys this movie for me. 

Tony later gets catching Tony, Aldrich tells Tony that he is the real Mandarin. But officially doesn't claim the title of calling himself the Mandarin.

Cause Aldrich is just a pissed off dude with the Extremis virus. Then he shows a live feed of Pepper in process of accepting the Extremis virus. Giving Tony a threatening catastrophe. 

And ye, we get to see Rhodes who is now called Iron Patriot. And lol XD I love it when says "It's Iron Patriot on the job". 

Blasting down doors and shit. But then he got fried as one of the workers has been infected by Extremis. 

Aw man :( Why does all of them have to be masked. Stupid tradition, you injured Iron Patriot on the job.
Click here for full size -> [link]

Yeah he looks cool doesn't he? I love it that they have the lines on the face plate though. Really nice :)

Hey! At least the Iron Patriot was the only suit left. But Tony obviously can't just take it from him. The stars and stripes, kinda like Captain America though :)

What I'm saying was that you know that one scene where he blasts the door? And there's all these masked nuns who are sewing something, I dunno :P 

And all but one thanked him. That one was a woman that has been infected and sustain with the Extremis virus. Tony then got his ass caught, not literally. 

Then Tony later calls the Mark 42 which is still inside that kid's house. And those parts apparently destroyed some shitty furniture in that kid's room. 

And it's just that moment. It has to be when Harley (the kid) steps in front of the door and he sees the door shaking outwards. I dunno, maybe we just need him there to make it look awesome.

But it would've gotten out of there sooner. So then later Tony is scaring those two dudes who are suppose to supervise him while Aldrich is busy. 

And oh yeah! Aldrich reveals his full story of why he became pissed at Tony for not making his word. And then the arm piece of Mark 42 flies through the window and knocks one dude in the head and he passes out. Or even die :P I dunno.

These two are clearly not Extremis tested subjects so they couldn't have got Tony. Then once the arm piece is on and BAM! Shoot the other guy in the front! I wish I could say face, but I forgot which part he shoots. Maybe in the chest, probably.

And it's said that Aldrich needed Tony to fix the bug. It was Maya and Killian who were the ones who are the creators of the Extremis virus, why ask Tony? 

Aldrich clearly lacked some conviction in his work. And you know it just really sucks when Maya dies dude. Shit you Killian, shit you! Again. 

I mean it's just there. She doesn't deserve to die and she does look like a hot woman and I gotta admit, Rebecca Hall does quite look like Scarlett Johansson. Quite close :) Maybe even more than that. I dunno...

And she dies just there. And Tony wasn't even like "Oh Maya, you okay?". That just really sucks you know. He never went over to her. Aldrich is the worst. In a bad way. 

And then later they went back to find Trevor, the fake ass Mandarin. Asks him questions and Trevor is watching some football. Not really a fan of football. 

But he goes "OH LAY OH LAY OH LAY!". I gotta admit having Ben Kingsley to do the job is quite hilarious :) Now that I mention it, I actually think Trevor is quite the humorous person. But then he got arrested at the end and he think he's on the red carpet where there are a hundred of news reporters on the side.

Tony in his Mark 42 armor and Rhodes who has been unprotected because they stole his suit. Aldrich forces Rhodes to come out of the Iron Patriot. 

Obviously there's no way to force Rhodes to come out of there easily. The only way for the suit to open up in half was for Rhodes to do it himself since Tony's many suits and Rhode's can do that by just opening up half and letting the user come out.

Aldrich heats up the abdomen area of the armor and man, if they wanna steal the suit then what's the point of destroying it? Is Aldrich stupid? So he did come out.

And punches a few people. And Aldrich goes all dragon breathing fire at Rhodes but wow! The Rhodes is really good at dodging something this powerful.

You know, I would just slap Aldrich in the face after he breathes fire and then run away. That's if I'm like Nightwalker where I can teleport :)

So later Eric puts on the Patriot armor and disguises himself as Rhodes in that suit. Obviously he can't say anything. How did Eric figure that out? And they went onto the Air Force One. With some other staff and officers.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot. I love what Eric does in this film. Remember that one scene where he was slowly heating up the legs of the water tank supports? Yeah.

I like the look in his Extremis eyes and his mouth expression. So freakin' BADASS!!! :D

Anyway, later on Eric throws two staff through a door and melts the door knob. And then later he attacks the officers and the president at the conference room of the plane.

And he reveals himself to the president. Then later Eric somehow made the suit fly to Aldrich. I dunno how Eric is that smart to program the suit. He's just an Extremis henchman. I dunno, when Eric opens up to reveal himself with the mask, wow XD

Man I love his expression. James Badge Dale is awesome, yeah that's the dude who acted as Eric. You know, maybe he's not just a henchman, but he's also awesome :) I actually like Eric better than Aldrich. Aldrich, suck it!

Not literally. Or else I'll lose a...nevermind. So they couldn't tell if that's Rhodes or not in the suit. So the brought the president in the Patriot suit.

To Aldrich and the suit opens up and the president falls out of it. And later they seem to make him put the suit back on.

If you're gonna fly him to the ship yard or somewhere, I dunno :P Why not just let him remain in the suit and somehow let the face mask shift up.

As if it's that difficult to just talk to someone in a suit. Oh wait, actually the president doesn't know how to shift the mask up. But I was really curious.

And probably no one will answer my question but if you do, thanks :) Is that how does the president know how to fly the suit? And Rhodes doesn't even have the JARVIS system, instead he still has HAMMER's running system.

So then the Mark 42 saves all the staff officers in the plane and drops them onto the open ocean. We're just lucky that these people know how to swim. 

And then later the Mark 42 got slammed apart by a truck on the golden gate bridge. I mean, JARVIS could've done better. I mean, wasn't he helping Tony throughout his entire journey of creating suits?

And then we see Tony in a dark room with his headgear on. And we all thought he was in the suit cause usually the only thing we see is Tony's face and some mini holograms inside and nothing else. Dark. 

So they've tricked us. But obviously we don't want our hero dead, do we? And yeah that part, I didn't really laugh to be honest. There are some parts of the movie that didn't work for me in the terms of comedy. 

And then I dunno why Aldrich and all his Extremis soldiers are shipping something at the port. I dunno what they're shipping. Or maybe they're just using it as a main base or something.

So later Tony and Rhodes found their way to the port and somehow they got spotted on their way up to where Pepper is. 

They were outnumbered. Now there's two things about what happened next. One is that I love that all the 41 suits surround the port area where all the Extremis soldiers are.

Yes, 41! Mark 42 came in later. As it needs to recharge. It's just a protocol and that's sad. I actually felt like Tony could've done more with the Mark 42's systems.

It needs power to fly...I mean, what is this? Isn't the suit powered by the arc reactor? So in the scene, the Heartbreaker armor takes the first stop.

Then very soon we see the Red Snapper, Gemini, Silver Centurion and some other armors. We fortunately also get to see the Hammerhead armor. Which is the armor shown before we see a few short seconds of JARVIS scanning the heat of the Extremis soldiers.

Obviously we need that so that JARVIS knows who is infected with the Extremis. So one suit after another started attacking the soldiers.

The Skeleton armor which is also seen. It's the one which is first shown to come apart is pieces and then knock the Extremis soldiers off the willing. 

And I've always wonder how it would be like if Tony was in that suit and it came apart. It would be extremely excruciating. But this is not Mortal Kombat so...meh :\

So if the any of the suits has been damaged or torn apart, JARVIS will have to destroy that suit. Like there's one scene where the Extremis soldiers ripped off the arms and helmet of the armor? Yeah.

There's no point having Tony to find the missing pieces of the armor limbs. So it's quite sad that some of them have to suicide. 

Oh yeah! The second thing I wanna say is. If Tony knows that the Iron Legion has survived (Iron Legion is the army of Iron Men), why didn't he just use them in the first place.

Plus some of these suits have their own unique purpose. Like for example, the Heartbreaker armor, it has a enormous arc reactor, why didn't it just use that?

We only see it picking Rhodes up after Tony suits up in the Silver Centurion armor. The Silver Centurion was just an energized armor. And it had a knife in it.

That Tony used to cut Aldrich's arm off which later grew back. Obviously because Aldrich is more powerful than any of the Extremis soldiers.

He doesn't have to regulate. Cause he's god dang powerful. I guess the Extremis needs a little bit more explaining in the wikis...

The only thing they said is that when prolonged exposure to the Extremis virus, like if you've have it in your body for a few years.

You can maintain it. And also it makes you a freaking dragon. Well, not really a dragon but I mean, you can breath fire! But Killian only did it once though.

And to be honest, I really hate seeing the armors being torn apart as they fight off the Extremis soldiers.

One thing I notice is that the soldiers just keep running to their target, they're never seen spotting them...and then run to them. There's one scene where there's this armor called the Thumper. The Thumper armor is this one...

It's arms looks obvious. It's made for construction and I guess Tony uses that in the house sometimes for reconstruction or something. 

I really like the yellow shoulder pads though :) Imagine being in this suit and you could hit stuff with those arms. 

So yeah later Tony flies off in the Silver Centurion armor and the Heartbreaker comes to give Rhodes a lift to go save the president.

But failed as a Extremis soldier got onto the suit and I'm assuming the Heartbreaker later also got destroyed in the process. 

Tony in the suit finds Pepper but then Aldrich the asshole launches his hand through the wreckage and damaged the arc reactor area.

But still leaving the triangle core inside. I really hate Aldrich. Then later when Tony refuses to "close his eyes". Aldrich prepares to destroy Tony but Tony cuts Aldrich's arm off. Which will take some time to regenerate.

And Tony unstraps the Silver Centurion and I dunno why it's useless. Why did Tony left the suit there? It's still usable, just that the metal plate is damaged. That's all. Leaving the arc reactor core exposed.

You know, he could've just used the Silver Centurion to save Pepper too. As she got stuck under some debris. But she still have the Extremis within her.

So she was able to fight off the weight the wreckage is putting on her. We all know Pepper is not the violent type until she finally uses the power of Extremis to destroy Killian.

And that's what I find deceiving about the death of Aldrich. I mean, it's not that I don't want him dead but it's just that when Tony straps the Mark 42 armor which later came. And then blew the suit up with Aldrich in it. 

It's just the same as Pepper obliterate Aldrich later when she explodes the ex-wife in front of Aldrich's face. 

Aldrich should've died from that. Instead, after he got damaged from the Mark 42 explosion, he falls 200 feet in the air and landed and come out of the fire with that damaging look to his body. 

He super toasted. And super pissed :)

And then later Pepper knocks Aldrich off with a pipe and then the Mark 7 which is the suit Tony uses in the Avengers.

Comes by and fires at Pepper. Well, we all know machines aren't that flexible with things. So the Mark 7 fires at Pepper.

Which builds up rage in Pepper and with rage, she got Extremis built up. Just like other Extremis soldiers and Aldrich. She jumped onto Tony's ankle and punched through the Mark 7's arc reactor.

Then pulls out the arm of the armor. Puts it onto her arm, kick the ex-wife to Aldrich's face and explode.

And you guys know that when Tony escapes from Aldrich and tries to jump into a random armor, failed as there's no time to strap on. That was quite a twist though.

But I guess it doesn't bother me. And why do the earpiece have to suddenly popped off Tony's ear? Why? Marvel! You made Pepper destroy another armor.

I mean she's the good person. Why? And the blowing up of the suits is just what I hate. Tony's a changed man. Seriously? He has no suits left. The only suit left was the Iron Patriot.

But Rhodes have to use that all the time in combat. I guess the only place Tony will be is back! At the Stark Tower. 

Yeah that's the only place he has left. The Stark Tower. So we end up seeing Tony throwing his arc reactor into the sea.

But we all know you don't need that in your chest. You can still have the armor on just like Rhodey.

So he takes some things he recovered from the wreckage of his destroyed mansion and leaves and destination towards the Stark Tower apparently. Not sure.

But I guess there's a rumor that Tony has a modified Extremis where it's not about regeneration or super agility or whatever shit the Extremis can do like we see in this film.

But it's when Tony could make the suit as the suit is IN HIM. I dunno, I feels kinda impossible. I really dunno how the Avengers 2 is gonna be like without Iron Man.

Or maybe there's still Iron Man but it's gonna be alternative. We may see Robert Downey come back to do the job or another actor.

But Robert is so perfect acting as Iron Man and Tony Stark. It's so perfect, no other actors can be as good as Robert. 

There were also some other stuff that I wanna mention. You know how I said that each suit has it's unique ability? Yeah.

Well you know the suit that Tony straps himself onto after Pepper falls from the wreckage? You know after Tony slides under Aldrich when he jumps? Yeah.

That's the Nightclub armor. It's ability is similar to the Stealth armor. It's able to use invisible cloaking. But they didn't show that. 

I mean yeah, some suit did use it's unique ability in battle. Like the Igor armor. Which is suppose to be the Hulkbuster armor but Tony renamed it Igor. 

The Igor armor can carry weight like the Hulk. The Igor maintain the weight baring onto his back. The Thumper armor uses it's arms to destroy the Extremis soldiers. 

And I have to say, the Red Snapper is quite lousy at taking the soldier off his back. Which cause him to lose his mask and suicides. Heartbreaker only help Red Snapper to shoot off some Extremis soldiers but left one onto the Red Snapper's back. 

The Stealth armor could've just done the same using the cloak. But no. Instead Tony lets Aldrich cut the armor into half. And also breaking the leg of the armor and use it to hit Tony in the suit. 

And yeah, screw Aldrich for destroying the Nightclub and Stealth armor. Oh well...I just wished Tony uses the Iron Legion to destroy the helicopter gunships.

That bombed his mansion.

Oh well. That's all I can say about Iron Man 3 right now. If there's somethings that I miss which would be less likely, I'll less likely be able to a addition to the review with a new entry and I should be good to go. Watching Pacific Rim when it comes out in July and can't wait :) Bye! 

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