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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TRON Legacy review

Yes! I finally watched TRON Legacy. But not in 3D format. I actually thought it would be great to see it in 3D format.

But for that, you have to put on 3D glasses. Cuz' when you take it off, the screen is like... blur and as if there's two screens.

Anyways, I didn't really like the ending. It was good but I just wish Kevin(Sam's dad) came with Sam. Damnit, when I got out of the theater door, I was like gonna cry );

What the heck man! But my tears didn't came out, I would've been ashamed to show this affection to the enviroment. Heh heh.

And I was like, totally quiet. Well, not so quiet. When my dad ask me something I had to answer. Ya, I go there with my dad, the two of us.

I just hope there'll be another TRON movie. I dunno but I wonder what happen when Kevin made Clu like, go inside his body.

Clu is a duplicate of Kevin. Dun ask me, you'll know when you watch the movie. See, you gotta understand.

Ahhhh, I just hope Sam, Quorra and Kevin got out. You know, just the three of them together. But I'm not sure what happen to Kevin. You know, after Clu is sucked into Kevin.

But it's cool. Just wish I could see more, like what happen to Kevin you know. Probably there's some deleted scenes. But they wouldn't come out until the blu-ray version is.

Well, I feel happy for Sam and Quorra, at least they get to be together. I dunno, but the movie rocks.