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Friday, April 1, 2011

Air France Flight 8969 Killing Machine (Nat Geo) Review

Now. I've  watched this episode of Air Crash Investigation 

I love this episode. Even though it's not about any crashes or emergency landings. 

This is a hijacking. Ya, it's a hijack. And like they said, it was one of the most worse hijacking in the WORLD!

Now I dunno, there are still lots of terrorists who wanted to commit crimes and basically get killed at the end. I'm not too sure.

But anyways, ya the world...forgot this incident. I dunno, but I dunno why the pilots are using plastic transparent wiring to their ears and microphones on the bottom controls? 

What the heck? What kind of pilot use this kind of radio to contact with the control tower?

They should be like this:

I've seen pilots use headphones like this a hundred times on Air Crash Investigation.

But anyways, that was a weird thing. I dun see any pilots using this damn communicating machine.

It's a piece of shit! I think it's better to use headphones. Headphones rock!

I also dun expect a terrorist would get trust with the crew. I was like...what the hell man. Terrorists...are the bad guys.

They dun cooperate with anyone. I dunno, this terrorists were a bunch of idiots. And uhhh...ya, I think they got their fall.

Anyways, the plane was alright. I dunno why the Captain didn't turn off the fuel gauge when they're still on the tarmac of the airport.

He wasted a lot of fuel. And I mean, ALOT! Could've just realized. Maybe the terrorists kept interrupting so much that he couldn't know.

I'm just lucky the crew is saved except for the 3 innocent people that got killed out of the plane. I just hope there's someone there to help them.

I'm sure nobody wants to die. I mean, who does that? Who wants to die anyway. It's a sad thing. Not unless it's for a sacrifice.

Ya, sometimes a sacrifice is for the greater good. Some people dyed in order to save lives. But themselves of course. Like I said, it's for their own good.

Even though, sacrifices are sad too. But I dunno what to say anyway. I love the people who I knew. Like my dad, mom, brother and sister.


Oh shit! Sorry, I got off-topic. What the hell is wrong with me!? Anyways, ya, the plane was in perfect condition.

Except the windows, that was an honor. XD haha, I'm just kidding. For those of you who dun understand what "XD" means, tilt your head to the left.

To the left, to the left. :D I'm just kidding. Some people take Rihanna's song as a joke. I'm not sure, but I think it's Rihanna.

Okay so, ya there was one part where one of the GIGN fell off the stairways truck. I dunno, it maybe a shot that hitted their chest.

Ya there was one part at the end where one of the GIGN got wounded. But the surgery was successful. So yay!!!! :D

Now guys. There's actually a map for cs source based on the following episode. It's cs_vol_af8969.

Click here to download the map

Ya that map was also the A300 standing at the tarmac of the airport. But I dunno, the stairways truck only connect to the RIGHT of the plane.

Man, why is there no song for to the right, to the right? XD hahahahaha

But anyways, this map is awesome anyway. I love it. And to tell you, the first, middle and economy classes doesn't look like the ones in the episode.


But anyways, here are some parts of this episodes that I watched on YouTube.

Click the links below to watch part: 1 2 3 4 5

Oh ya, and I watched another uploader on YouTube. And the quality was lower a little bit. Shit!

Aw man, now I gotta watch it again. This is a piece of damn! I can't believe a gave a damn.

Damnit! Bart damnit! But anyways, ya click the links part 1,2,3,4 or 5 to watch the entire episode.

Or simply just, click on the suggestion bar. Ok well, cya guys later!!! ^_^

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