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Friday, September 30, 2011

Un-notice tip

Hey guys here's Sam H. Collends. And I've just found out a way that you can pretend that you didn't do something like making fun, making a noise that makes people assume that you're the one who made it...

Well yeah maybe that's hard to understand. I don't even know how to put it this way but let's just get onto it.

If somebody makes a mistake or something, and you laugh? Just take a short laugh...don't laugh too long or else they'll know that's you. 

Like just say "Ah ha XD!" or "Ha ha". Like this...then they knew you're the one that laugh. But their raise of suspicious won't last long.

What you need to do is like look at something. And like just do what you would do if you hadn't disturb someone.

Act like a normal person who's just looking at something like what some people would do on the period. 

Like let's take your meals  as an example. If someone drops a spoon or whatever mistake that they did isn't funny but to you...

It is. So don't look up left or right...cuz' that way they'll know it's you. You've seen people do it...they know it's you.

So the other way which you'll never get assumed doing that is to...look at your own meal. Just eat and act normal.

Behave that is. If you don't...they maybe trouble for you. So act like a good boy and just sit there and eat your food and act like as if nothing happened.

And if you wanna call someone names...all you have to do is...adjust your voice. Make it sound like as if it came from another person in another place.

You've heard people talking from like 5 to 15 feet away from you. Like notice the sound of it. It sounds like someone is talking to you from another distance.

So you have to like make yourself sound like other people said the person. Oh my god...this is kind of hard to explain without names.

Okay let's get to a story of this...short one. 

We have Tim, Jack and Scott. And this whole scene is in a classroom. Usually when the teacher isn't at class and the class is waiting for another teacher to come for the next subject.

Tim was sitting there quietly. Then Jack is the backstabber who pretends as if he didn't say or do anything. And Scott is the other people.

Tim was reading a book and yes, he's a nerd. Jack says..."Tim is a piece of sh**". Then usually a person turns to the voice that he is familiarized with...which is Jack's.

He will suppose that Jack was the one who called him a piece of sh**. So Jack pretends that he's flipping through his bag or looking under the table for his books...

Then Tim wouldn't think that it's Jack. Then that's when he just go back to his book. And Jack did sound like as if Scott was the one who said it.

Not at the best adjustment of voice but maybe there's more people than just Scott. So yes you can make it sound like a bully who said it.

You know how that sounds.

And that's it...that's how you do it. If you want to know how have to follow Jack's way of doing. So that no one will assume it's you.

But of course, too much of this behaviour is no good so you don't have to do it so much. Not unless you're still an immature who is still playful.

I'm not...I'm already matured and don't laugh but I'm starting to go through puberty. I know I guys would probably ask...Sam why now? Sam why didn't you go through it earlier like I did?

I dunno. Cuz' I was younger that time. I didn't know what puberty really is. Until I found it it's the cracking of your voice box and it makes your voice deeper.

And guess what? I am now almost as tall as my cousins :D

It's so awesome that I love being tall and being a good boy. Well sometimes I can be a little bit playful cuz' come on...

Not everytime that you must be playful. Or go around and dance like a freaking ape or something. Lol XD

Anyways there's other tips I'll give you right now. So let's continue to it. Like if you're walking around the street. And when you pass a dude or a woman or anyone...

Just like.... "Hey!" or "Psst..." and just turn back to the direction where you were facing. And then act normal and walk. 

Be sure you don't piss the person off that's all. It gets know.  And that's it...that's how it's done.

And I dunno. This are just 2 of the best ideas I can think of it.'s just I'm the only one who knows best at this pretending stuff.

Cuz' I'm like half-nerdy, half-playboy. So that's my thing. But mostly...I'm nerdy.

Sorry. But come gotta admit my blog looks awesome than what other nerds would do. I'm good looking.

Damn and my hands are hot and sweaty...awww dang it D:< Even my balls are sweaty. Lol XD

I don't even know scrotum have sweat glands. Lol. Sorry if that's really inappropriate. I really am. But it happens to every dude...come on.

That thing is always between your legs and if your legs are like're like giving no space for know what.

And that's when the heat comes in. Some of you should know that if some spots in your body is dark and has a lot of'll actually allow heat to come in.

Note that black absorbs light or heat allowing you to sweat which is the heat obviously that's making this whole damn thing sweat.

Or put more heat in an object like a black car. If it's white, white reflects light so it prevents most of the heat from coming into your body.

So white is the best way to cool. Or so...I dunno if it works for you. Anyways...ummm...don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers...

Bye :)