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Friday, April 15, 2011

New YouTube share bar *i know, who cares* and other stuff I wanna talk about

This days YouTube has come to a whole new level with their new designed bars. Like when you click the "Share" button below the video box, this thing came up.

I mean, the box is real nice, now the picture I've shown you is obviously well, a 240 pixel picture. That means it's low in quality.

Cuz of the size that I adjust. If you want, you can just go to and see any video you want.

And pretty much click the Share button and see in a better quality. 

Alright. The other thing I wanna talk about is Peter Chao's new video. It's about Britney Spears.

Now when I say this, you guys can tell what I'm gonna be talking about. Ya, it's Britney Spear's song- Till the World Ends.

Here's the video:

 This is funny! As hell. Okay maybe hell is not funny.

Anyway. I think this is another one of the most funniest Peter Chao video I've seen. 

You know. Everything Peter Chao says is well, hilarious!!!

I like the part where Peter Chao is dancing in a sewer. Of course, the sewer you see there is fake. It's just an image taken from Google or other image websites.

Anyways, ya you'll know what I meant when you see the last part of the video.

But ya, that sewer part of Peter Chao's review was hilarious. IT'S FUNNIER THAN FUNNY!!! I mean, how could anyone not like this review here.

It's so funny! Oh no wait, I think I've already said this. Nevermind. Anyway, the other thing was when Peter Chao calls his dad.

And yes, that's not his real dad. That's Peter of course. He is just wearing what he thinks his father would look like when he is at work.

But anyway, ya the sewer part was the funniest of all. Like I said, it's funnier than funny. If you get what I meant.


Ya I definitely agree with Peter Chao. I mean, what kind of person goes to the sewer...when the world is falling apart?

I mean, who the heck does that? Oh what? Is this song for the movie 2012? If it is, then Britney Spears is being stupid.

Now, I've seen 2012. It's epic. Anyway, umm...ya what kind of person goes into the sewer to dance?

What? Do you want all that piece of shits falling on you? You want that? No right? Then dun go into the stupid shitty sewer to dance. 

And I dunno, I saw the offical video by Britney Spears. That didn't even look like a sewer to me. You see those train tracks?

Ya what the hell, who goes into a train tunnel and dance? What the heck, you wanna become sliced up oven roll chicken? Wait, what's that? Haha!!! XD

Ya, you wanna get smashed by a big train. You want that? No! Well, there's one thing that comes into my mind. Imagine Britney Spears is singing halfway and she didn't notice the train coming.

Or heard. I dunno. But that's not the point. The point is, when she's singing halfway, the train went right pass her.

Oh my god, that's freaking funny. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be so cruel. Sorry. I dun want celebrities or singers to die like Michael Jackson.

Okay so uhhh... ya go check out the video and i bet you! You'll laugh your ass off. 

So I'm done here.

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