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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


AW HECK!!! You know what? I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of waiting for season 2 to come out. No one gives a damn about when it's coming out.

Except for some that I know of. That it is coming out on 28th November. Why can't it be sooner D:

C'mon! >;(

And yet you must listen to this song over and over again. Sh**

Here's the theme song...
 Yeah I really love this theme. I'M GONNA PUT THIS THEME SONG FOR MY BLOG SOONER :D

Yeah...I think so. I really want to but now, I just didn't really think it is the right time. Sorry. But I'll change it tomorrow.

I promise ;)

I just have another things I need to do like answering deviantART messages and stuff. I'm really sorry. 

And then there's this teaser that came from NYCC. Of season 2 :D

Here it is...

Now I want that to be fake. Cuz' if Knockout really does that...I'm gonna rip his spark out D:<

Nah just kidding. Besides, how am I gonna do that? Precisely. And also that it's not like I wanted to. Oh my god...errr! Come on!

Season 2...come out already. I can't take it anymore. I seriously can't f***ing wait for it to come out.

Sorry for that.

Transformers Prime is so freaking awesome :D

I WANT IT! D:< I want it! I'm sorry but IT CANNOT WAIT! I want it so badly that it have to come out. Oh my god...I wanna jump up and down now.

Or shake my arms while making the fist face the ceiling X3

HECK! I will say "I WANT TF PRIME SEASON 2!!!" all I want. No one can stop me until the season 2 comes out on 28th November.


And yet I'm listening the theme song right now. It feels so EPIC!!! >:O

Go Prime. Anyway, I just hope Orion is Optimus again. I really wish he is. And that he gets his matrix back. 

Why did Optimus have to lose his matrix? Why? Well I know it was because of to kill Unicron. But why!? D:

I feel bad for Optimus now...really );

Optimus I hail you. I wish you back.

Wish there was just some possible way to bring back Optimus. Really. Ever since Primus ran out of energon now.

He's currently in a sleep mode.  As legends says, Primus is able to turn on himself even if he is in sleep mode. 

But just not the right time yet. Primus still needs to repair itself in order to revive again. And since Primus is the core of Cybertron...

Cybertron is nothing now but an abandoned waste land. I hope there's an episode where Primus finally turns himself on and give Optimus another spark of the matrix.

As Optimus lost it in order to eliminate Unicron. He will deserve the rights to earn the matrix as the autobot who killed Unicron.

Oh my's so epic that I wanna cry now ;)

I promise I'll change the theme song sooner :D Hope you all the best. And for Hub >:)

Okay well cya soon. Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)