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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thor (2011) Movie Review

 So this movie...I'm just gonna say. It's AWESOME! :D

Although I didn't really watch it in the theaters which kinda sucks cuz' you gotta have that experience of watching movies in a cinema you know...

I watched it online and that's alright I guess. I dunno I watch it with the prompt/program that I downloaded.

I've said this a hundred times that it's Funshion. And you guys can just type that into the search box above.

The engine will help you to find the words in this blog. But anyways, let's just get onto the review shall we?

Right. The beginning was basically what happened after Thor was vanished from Asgard. And transported to Midgard which is Earth.

And they just showed how Thor got hit by Jane's caravan. And then they had to skip to what happened BEFORE Thor landed onto Earth.

So it started out as Thor and Loki in their young ages. Thor dreamed of becoming the King of Asgard. And possesing the power of Mjolnir.

The hammer which is held by Thor. And yeah I gotta admit the older Thor looks much better than his young age.

No offense. And then he walks down the hallway with a huge crowd surrounding the way. 

Proud to see Thor come to claim his position as king. So his father Odin silenced all the asgardians and have the speech to claim Thor's ruling of Asgard.

But just as Odin could speak a word of claiming Thor the next king of Asgard...something happened.

The guards who were protecting the source that helps to defend the frost giants was in reach. The frost giants attacked the guards.

And tried to steal the cube of the frost giant's power. They tried stealing. As the giants run, Destroyer releases himself and destroyed the giants with his deadly burning ray. 

Which for the least, destroyed the giants from stealing the source. The cube was then put back to where the Asgardians would protect it with the Destroyer.


Oh my god what the heck...why am I spoiling all this for you guys? Crazy sh** huh? But if you guys really wanna read the rest of the story...

Click here 

I gotta admit it was pretty awesome I guess. I like the ending though. Seriously I had no problem with it at all.

Well movies nowadays are quite dissapointing but this one? I had no problem with it. I just wanted Thor to come home again.

And well Jane got her equipment back and everything. Now that she knows that Thor is in his rightful place.

He's safe. Well the frost giants were completely destroyed. Jotunheim as well, the home of the frost giants were completely destroyed to it's core. The ray destroyed the core...

And soon consumed the entire planet with a blackhole. Which has no telling where it goes but a dimension of nowhere. 

Yeah that part where Thor went to have a conversation with the gate-keeper of Asgard. Yeah did you guys see that ending part of the river and land? It's completely gone.

Yeah and the part Odin was awakened. He hold onto Thor and Loki as they were about to fall into the stars. 

The part where the camera looked at Loki...I saw him and the Bi-Frost that was completely destroyed and now Midgard is completely lost to their reach.

But at least there's a happy ending now is it? Yeah to me. Maybe to you guys it seems like sh** or whatever that you think.

But at the end Loki still leave when he landed onto Earth. When Dr. Selvig went to S.H.I.E.L.D. Yeah Loki is there :O

Here's the scene: Yeah some of you did see it. Perhaps copies of it has been on YouTube now. To see it's list...go here

And that's when we all see him in the Avengers. I seriously dunno how he got back to Earth. Maybe they'll show it in the Avengers movie.

Hope so. And yeah Thor's suit is totally different. It actually looks really nice. I like the metal part that is on his chest. And torso...nice :D

And Thor comes from another world. Lol XD Yeah I don't see why I'm laughing about it. Honest. 

So ummm...if you wanna see the whole thing...just go to it's page that is right here

And the hospital scene kinda made me laughed. Lol XD

Here's the video...  Lol that's funny. I like it when he said..."HOW DARE YOU attack the son of Odin!"

Lol XD He still thinks he has his power. What the heck :D And he said "You're no match for the mighty..." 

Then later one of the nurses or doctor injects some kind of sleeping medicine. With a needle.

And guess where they actually insert it into...the tock. Yes the butt. I seriously? The butt? That's disgusting and embarassing.

What were they thinking? I mean this is a movie, did they put it in the script that one of the nurses/doctors will inject it by the entrance of our bowel?

Another thing is I don't really like how his face became when he slides down the glass window. That sucks.

There's also one scene where they found him after he was knocked out by the

Yeah he was still trying to demand Heimdall to open the Bi-Frost for him XD

Oh no wait, it was Odin. Yeah it's now then I know what the gate-keeper's name XD

And then here's one scene where he was cast-ed out:
 Yeah he take away everything from Thor...which is his cape, suit and everything on his body was taken.

Well he didn't take anything away from the Mjolnir. He just put a word to the hammer and a symbol appears onto the hammer.

Which is said "Whoever holds the hammer, he has the power the possess the power of Thor". Well no one could lift the hammer.

So no one possessed it. And in the end...Thor awakens after the Destroyer kills him. And the hammer finally got removed from the built up soil and Thor got his powers back. 

And Jane was like...
Oh my god!

Yeah can you believe it? She was gasping. Which also means jaw dropping. Lol XD

Yeah...and check out the parody HISHE made...  Yeah they made it suck. Well kind of. But I didn't really think Jane would be like this.

Seriously? What the freak is wrong with this people? Oh they just think Jane's gotta pose more for Thor just so he could stay.

Aw! What's wrong with those guys. Not to be a jerk but they should really learn more about the story. Jeez...

But I think that part about casting Loki out was really funny XD Lol

And now I finally got that joke at the back. I was continuing my message on deviantART with some dA which doesn't matter who his name is...

He said that last part and I didn't knew that he saw that video. Until now, it's what I knew. 

Anyways ummm...I didn't really have anything much else to say about it. In spite the fact that I've already said so much about it. 

You guys can go youtube and look at more scenes of it :) Umm...yeah. Anyways, I'm gonna go serve the web and do stuff. 

Cuz' now is 9:51pm exactly. I actually started this post in about 5 to 6pm. And the reason it took me so long to finish was because I was....


Yes that's right I was sleeping and I ended now at 9pm. And it's almost 10pm. I dunno if my dad is gonna kill me for taking a bath so late.

But he hasn't even get his ass up to tell me all that crap. Yeah :| Anyways, I just gotta go serve the web so...cya. 

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Getting the copy!!! :D

Aw awesome is this :D

I'm getting my copy of Transformers Dark of the Moon DVD. Wow :D I'm so excited. Yeah my mom told me last night that she'll pay the copy for me. 

Oh god I'm so excited. Well kinda cuz' now I just woke up and...yeah. I just dunno how. The next time I go out with them...

Mom said if we ever pass by or saw any DVD store. She's gonna get it for me :D Yay. 

This is so awesome. I love this, can't wait. But hopefully not today cuz' mom and dad left without me. Dude, I fine with it cuz' all I want is to stay home for at least a few days to chill the heck out. 

Looks like things are working out after all. Freedom is the right of all sentiment beings >:D 


Hopefully the next few days, I'll get it. Do I have a plan for it? Yeah I'm gonna do another dA art when I reach home.

After I take a bath of course. 

Alright well...I'm gonna go dA now so cya guys soon :D Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)