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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ian Is Bored *first*

Hi everyone. I'm just sharing this video so you could all watch it. Yeah incase some of you tried to search for this video. 

It may or not appear on the results. Depending on when you saw this. It was uploaded on 29th of December. Yeah so this is the one I uploaded recently.

It was the one hundred and one episode of Ian is Bored in the people we know, smosh. yeah this is it. This is the latest one unless you came into this post or the video itself later after another one comes out. 

Like when episode 102 comes out, then you watch this one here which is of course, 101. So nevermind I just wanna get some views on this.

Why you ask? It's because I have my mail that I sent to them in this one :D Yay!!!

I also add in some comments in this video. They appear as annotations incase you're not following. And yeah I obviously added to much annotations. 

God damnit. Well this video will certainly take 2-3 days to show up in the results. Yeah :|

Just hope the freaking database gets it. God damnit D:<

I said it twice, lol XD

Oh well I hope you enjoy that video. 

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Bye :)