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Friday, August 17, 2012


You wanna know why I hate most in my life that I wish would just give up on it's own and not rise back up again?

Is my mom and dad keep controlling my hygiene. Kept wishing they would just give up on telling me to take a shorter time to bath.

I'm still a human and I am who I am. I am different than other people yes? Why can't I be the one of the only few people who takes a long time to bath?

There are some. And some are better than nothing. I take 40 mins to bath on my usual go to go. Which means my daily routine. Yeah "go to go" means my daily routine. 

And I thought my parents gave up on me. But no! This is probably the worst time of all they had to get angry and punish me in their hectic ways. 

Okay it's not hectic to them but to me. I mean, girls can stay in the bathroom for an hour. Can't dudes be? I'm not even gay and I stay that long in the bathroom. 

And my dad even asks me to write down what I do in the bathroom as I would usually do. It's the first time he would ask me something like this. Write down the shit that I do. 

Sometimes, it's only mom that does that. But him? Wow, you gotta be kidding me. Anyways that's not the big thing here. I just want them to give up this thing on me already.

It doesn't even benefit their lives. Forget it, don't they see that? Oh my god, don't tell me because this has been going on ever since I was like I dunno...5 to 8 years ago when I begin that.

Yeah it's true. God I should've just moved myself into a room alone. Like...ahh! You know. Give myself my OWN room. My sister always has her own. 

Good for her! She had her own room near the toilet I use now. And far away from my parents' room on the other side of the hallway upstairs here.

My mom even asks me to not take a rinse like I usually do around 9 to 10pm.  She asked me to take a small towel from their cabinet, which I always take the bathing big towels from. 

The bathing big towels are not really that big. The one I use is a hotel one. Yeah my mom and dad takes the towels from the hotels they go. And because of my dad's old business trips in the past, he brought back towels everytime he came home from wherever hotel he stays in.

Well of course now he doesn't do that anymore.  He's not crazy like this. Neither would I if I were him. And using that small towel a few minutes ago was the hectic stuff alright...

Man! I should've just rinse earlier on, what was I thinking? My mom doesn't seem to make a damn move. I should've taken my chance! Man, I have to take my chances and think about it everytime if I wanna avoid getting yelled and trouble myself.

Like I've gotta go bath AFTER my sister bathes. If I bath before she did? She'll probably knock on the door and ask me to hurry up. Oh ho, and as soon as that happens, my parents come to the door and ask me to hurry up.

I gotta bath after my sister so no one gets in my way. That's one option for the best. Today I even tried things differently. I put my shampoo first, then body soap. 

But they still end up yelling at me. This happened in the afternoon after my religious ceremony. I should've just went up when they were taking a supper. 

Or when they were preparing for the big supper. That would've been better. The reason I didn't go up that early was because my nephew, his wife and baby was here. 

I like to be with my cousins including my nephew. Conveniently, my nephew is always at our cousin and relatives get-together or should I say, gathering every Saturday.

Cause now he owns the house with my other grandma. Last time, only my grandma own the house herself. Now that my nephew moves in, they own it together.

Anyways, yeah. I could've just told my nephew I wanted to go up and say bye. But what did I do? Go on further and go up later. Further more, what the shit is my mom and sister doing in the room with my nephew's baby?

Babies are still dumb until they get to kindergarten. Well actually until they reach above 13. Kindergarten, they're still childish as they are.

But my nephew's baby, he'll either try to bite with his disgusting saliva or hit it on the floor or on the table. Or whatever surface or land he sees infront of him. 

That's one thing. This morning during the ceremony. They took a plush of Ernie from Sesame Street that we had in my room. Now nobody from other places, touches the things that are set in my room. Except for my family. 

Cause they live here. They live here long and the longer you live in one place, the longer you'll allow the house germs to feed you. So that's why they can touch it. But not very often.

Other people, if they do? Well, I'll ask someone to try to fix it in some sort of way. But I don't have to be specific. 

But I just want my wishes/hopes to be granted. I can't stand this bastards who doesn't seem to respect me for who I am! At least I'm still human right? I still live. 

My mom keeps telling me if I don't change my habit, she'll send me to a doctor or those family care centers. Like what the heck dude, I don't need them! 

I don't even need my family's concern and so on to bug me. Wish I could just stay in an apartment alone later on in my life. I also hope my mom never got thought or discover this thing called "Family Care Center" or visiting the doctor.

After consulting, the doctors will come to the house. Tell you to not close and lock the door. Undress and bath in front of them. And they'll be looking at your butt and everything. 

Seriously? What the frick dude...

She said she'll consult a doctor, and is she serious? She really did it. I can't believe her. She just worries too much. Why are some mothers like this? Jeez...

Well, okay...about the "worries too much" part. I'm only referring to my bathing habit. Nothing else than that. I just wanna make it clearer for you people. 

Sometimes I just felt like I'm cheated by god. Is he really there for me? God you know, I use to watch Fairly Oddparents when I was younger as a kid. And I pretty still much do sometimes when I have nothing to watch on TV. 

Yeah it's this show...

Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy on their adventures. Man, Timmy gets this fairies who are not like those in that stupid Winx Club shit.

That's just really dumb, full of nonsense and unreal. This fairies in Fairly Odd Parents. They're awesome.

Well Cosmo is the funny and dumb one. That's his character. While Wanda is like everyone else, but smart and follows rules. Cosmo does too but I'm not sure how he uses those rules.

Anyway! I just wish I have fairy parents. It would've made my life sweeter and not have it backfired everytime like Timmy. But I'm not saying the show's bad. It's interesting. I love the drawing, I love Timmy's cute face.

Not that I'm gay. Also that I'm NOT A GIRL! Oh what! A dude can't say that another dude's face is cute? I don't talk girl either! So don't get any fricking ideas!

If I had a wish. I wish that my family never cared how long I bath and never minds me dragging their time in some situations at different time. Well it's hard to explain my wish but if the person who grants this wish, should be a psychic. 

Psychic - A person who has the ability to control anything with their minds and also read people's thoughts

Ye...good definition enough for ya? Yeah. Lol XD Well if there's other things I'm missing. I'll just wish for it. That's why fairly odd parents comes in handy.

But I just hope my wishes has no backfires or anything. And oh yes! Wish my mom forgot about the doctor and family care center thing. Almost forgot, lol XD

Oh well, I hope everything works for me after I click that "Publish" button. My wishes came true and that's all I want. Ha, well see you people. 

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