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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Okay well, now this is just a post. And anyway, I have to admit, some girls I see around me everyday is hot. And okay. It's a guy thing. And it's not a gay thing. 

Gay - 1. a person who is attracted to another person who has the same sex
2. Bright 3. Happy

So dun mess up what the dictionary says. Or else you'll go stupid.

Here's a proof!!!

Anyways. Some guys are attracted to girls too so dun say I'm gay. Click "Here's a proof!!!" button above. Now here's the thing. 

What a guy sees is a woman and their hot face. Most important, their boobs. I mean, how did those things get so big. How!? But not that big, it'll get the attention of girls off boys' eyes. And mind. 

I mean like until the one quarter of the rib inside their body. Imagine how big the rib is. Well, girls can't be TOO skinny or else it's disgusting. They need to get a little bit fatter on the stomach muscle so the rib is not visible from the outside.

But of course, no rib, no lungs. Lungs are just like this soft organ in your body. Pretty much like jelly but more meaty. And will not break easily. Like our brain too. 

Anyways, girls should look better with boobs. Not those with no boobs. Just a flat chest like how we guys look like. Or flat boobs, THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING OF ALL!!!YUK THAT SUCKS!!!

Look at the beauty man! Girls never look awesome with a pretty face. I mean, seriously! Guys gotta first see their face before seeing their boobs. That way, a girl is attractive with a pretty face and boobs.

Now try skipping the pic if you're not that old depend on age limit. Anyways, I gotta end this post and go play cs:s beta. CYA LATER!(: