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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reaching home problem

Not very often, I have this problem whenever I reached home. It's like, when I reached the front gate of my house.

I had this gate cuz we dun have a garage.  And the big space is for cars to park. Anyways, I dun like the fact that no one's at home when I reach there.

This happened like today. When I reached home, I pressed the doorbell for like...7 times and nobody answered. The house is looks secured.

I always dun have to wait for someone to help me open the damn gate. The gate's about 2 metres  high. And I can still climb it.

 Ya it's something like that. And to climb, I had to put my hands on one of the flat rectangular slots. Put my leg onto the two square holes and then put both hands on top of the gate.

And I really hate touching the top of the gate. Cuz it's got a lot of ashes and stuff like that on my hands.

So I put my left leg to the other side of the gate. And to tell you, I was lucky that I didn't hurt my testicles. That was ON the top of the gate with legs on each side.

Anyways, then my hands touch on the gate. One on my front, another on my back. Now, I'm not that flexible. I just rotate the joint a little to the back.

And then get the other leg to the other side and onto the square holes. And pretty much I just jump down onto the ground. It was a few centimetres high so I had no worries.

I didn't brake my leg either not unless the gate is huge or something. Anyways, I would NOT wanna do that again. Cuz the ashes blackens my hands and I dun like that. Yuk!

So I just took a bath and the ashes got off when I scratch them. Yay! Now I had to go do some stuff and all. Cya later!!!