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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What are you? PERVERTS!

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Okay seriously what the heck is wrong with you guys? Perverts! Just because I put a post about girls doesn't mean you can droll all over.

Perverts, are you? So I see how this use my blog as some kind of blog that contains a lot of hot girls with boobs isn't it?

You think this is funny? Well all of you 1,042 viewers who saw that post. Get the hell out of my blog you bastards!

I'm only here to share the things I like. And the girls post? Get the hell off that post. Not unless you're in an appropriate age that is 18 and above.

I dunno why you guys are so into my girls post. So yeah, get the hell out. And look at this referring URLs.
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Yeah what the heck man! All this images links to the girl with the hot blonde girl with boobs.

What the heck is wrong with you!? >:(

Oh yeah, and once again! Didn't you see my last paragraph? I said you must be above 18. Or 18. I said that it has a limit which means 18+

Don't you understand that? No? You're stupid.

So anyways, get off my "Girls..." post. It's just an expression post. I'm NOT gonna give you a link to that post. You hear me? No! 

I hope you learnt your lesson. You perverts!