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Thursday, August 25, 2011


I dunno dude, I've started to like giraffes. And I got bored so I got this idea for a new post. I dunno but there's just something I like about them.

They have those half-closed eyes. Which tells me that all giraffes appears lazy but they're not. Giraffes never usually fully open their eyes at all.

It's always half closed/opened. They're kind of like chameleons except their tongue isn't that cylindrical. It's flat like ours.

But most of them have a pointy tip at the front. Now I'm not sure. But all of them should have that. I've seen a few times and I'm not kidding.

There are some videos where the giraffe lays out it's tongue. Hold on...let me find some of them for you...


Okay here they are:
This one has the giraffe trying to lick something or whatever, I don't really know. But giraffe's tongues are way longer than that.

But it's just basically just it trying to kiss you or something. Oh yeah, and this one has it's entire tongue sticked out. 

It stretched it's tongue so long that the pink part inside show up. Of course we know that giraffe's tongues are blue.

Half of it is, but the other half is not which is hidden inside.
So yes. this one is getting fed by a boy who's currently giving him lettuce. That's good. 

It's healthy and the way the giraffe grabs it's sexy :PPPPP

It's so long you see. I dunno but anyway, let's get onto other videos...
Okay so there's two things in this video that I wanna talk about.

1. I love how the giraffe looks at that. He's looks so cute. Then the dude gave him a cranberry biscuit or something.

Then the giraffes flips out it's pointy long tongue. And I love that tongue :PPPP

2. That's when it gets annoying. This girl who's also in the car...the whining about how disgusting it was for the giraffe to flip out it's tongue.

She just kept saying..."Ewww..." and that's what that is really annoying. It's just what a giraffe basically does.

It needs to have it's tongue stretched out so it could reach it's food if the neck doesn't help. She gotta understand.

So yes. But it's just too sexy to love. video.
This one has a giraffe messing around with it's tongue. Flipping out a lot of times. And at least the girl here doesn't freak out.

Laughs instead. Awesome :D

And finally...this one I've been searching for on it is:
It starts off with this people feeding the giraffe. And...the zookeeper was with them. So he made the giraffe stretch out it's tongue...

Also starts when one of them gives it a stack of leafs. That's when the zookeeper comes in. He told them to be careful not to let the giraffe gets it's tongue out.

So ummm...the zookeeper was taking a tiny biscuit and he demonstrates it to them. He move it further away from the giraffe's mouth. 

Then the giraffe has difficulty trying to reach it. So the tongue came out. And the recorder took the tourist who are amazed by the incredible length of that tongue which is 18". "=inch. Idiot.

Just kidding. Yeah so it stretched out...and I like how that girl reacts to it. You know...the girl that is just half a feet away from the giraffe? Yeah.

And the father that's carrying the child/baby on his lap. He was kind of like... :D It's amazing, I want a longer version of it though :P

The next time I got to the zoo...I'm gonna go straight for the giraffe habitat :D


Man...this kind of disgusting. But wet and sexy at the same time. Here's it:
The guy puts a biscuit and it's clinging onto his teeth. Which helps to attach the biscuit and teeth together. 

Of course, it can be taken out. Then the giraffe wildly swings out it's tongue and starts trying to grab the biscuit. 

But the dude just got ended up having his chin wet with all the saliva. Eww...

It's kind of gross. If that was me, I would wash my mouth and chin and a hundred times with soap. I like animals but I don't like to touch their inside.

Jeez. Only humans :) Which are hot babes of course O_O

And I'm not sure why that dude has a gigantic plaster on his forehead. What happened? And I actually laughed when the giraffe just splatted his tongue onto his nose and chin XD

That's actually funny, like the giraffe is doing that on purpose XD Nice one giraffe. Oh and notice that I put up a comment there to ask them. If you wanna see it, go here 

So ummm...yeah. Alright last video...if you wanna look for more...just go here  
to start
So now this is a zookeeper or a truck. Had a biscuit in his mouth...and the giraffe gets it by pulling out his tongue and grab it.

This one was actually quick though. Good for that. 

So yeah that's basically it about tongues. I love how long the neck is too and how cute they are. I like giraffes :D 

Anyway, remember to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)