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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I like about NCC Camp Steel

Now I have to say. This camp is not really what I like though. Cuz' I miss my mom and home.

I'm all clean now. Anyways, ya it's called a CAMP STEEL. I dunno why but it's kind of like their thing.

They usually think they'll immortal or something. Or as if they're hard steel. But really, steel is made with tons of iron materials. Steel is a big combination of iron. 

Ya the only thing I was looking forward is... sleeping, SAR 21 and going home. Lol. But there was one I love the most too.

But that thing I love didn't make me think of it. I never actually though that it'll be this COOLLLLL!!!

We get to wear this mask. It's sort of like those motorcycles races and the helmet look so cool!!!!!

Wow, they're like those helmets in this video:

Ya it's something like this. Not the terrorist, stupid! I mean the counter-terrorist.  

Ya it's something like this. Ya and I know, this Counter-Strike parody is fun. I love the Counter-Terrorist. He looks cool.

Ya well anyways, was awesome. The only thing I dun like is that I can hear myself breathing and talking. The sounds go DIRECTLY into my eye.

Like as if there's a earpiece for both of my ears. But it's cool. We use paintball guns to shoot. It is like a war. And to tell you, IT'S SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!

I think I look super cool with that. I'm like behind this road barrel. And then I aim for some of the cadets on the other side. They are of course, the opponents.

I actually fired a few shots at some of them. I was like shoot shoot shoot, shoot.

I dunno, it feels adrenalin and exciting. IT'S TOO COOL TO RESIST!!!WOOO!!!!

I'm like a REAL counter-terrorist. WOO!!!
I wish we can wear this when we're testing out the SAR 21. WE LOOK AWESOME! With that.

Ya I know, it looks super awesome. Every time I hold that rifle makes me wanna make a skin of it for 

It's so awesome if someone made a skin for this rifle. Ya the charging handle is below the scope. You need to bring it to the left and pull it back. 
I find it alright. That flipping feels so cool. Especially pulling the charging handle back. And also the re-loading, unloading and loading. 

Something like that. Man I love it! But nothing was actually found. But anyways, now I'm at home. And I'm happy. YAY!!!

Anyways, I wanna go do my stuff now. See you guys later!!! :D