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Monday, June 6, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Review

The second movie is AWESOME!!! Now it's a battle between Po and Shen. Shen is a peacock, not a crane.

And to me, Shen is not a powerful peacock as I thought. Well, he is with his sharp-knife feathers but... all he uses is a freaking large cannon.

In this story, it's said that Shen is to be defeated by a warrior of black and white. And the moment I heard that, I knew it was Po.

Come on! Po is a freaking fat offense. And a panda is white and black. Duh! It's so obvious to me that it should be Po.

I hass to be that. Well of course it does, then what else what it be? Duh! It's Kung Fu Panda 2.

Anyway, the other thing was... inner peace. It's sort of the thing where you control a single drop of a rain and let it flow through your body.

It's kind of the thing you usually do to get back memories and stuff like that. And yeah, the first part of the trailer, you saw that. 

That was the place where Po's panda village actually is. That village was where he actually came from. Yes. It is.

Then he's father was attacking the wolves in order to defend the villagers. Well, it's also telling them to run away into safety.

Well, Po's dad didn't die at all. There was one part at the end where it's a big panda(bigger than Po) ...turned around and it was Po's dad :D

But his mom didn't survive during the attack of their village. She got killed by the wolves. And yes, Shen was in command.

I wonder how Po's dad got past the wolves, if he survived at the end I don't really know at all. But yeah, I think Po's dad found out that Po is alive. 

He thought that Po died together with his mom. But she had to run to a place to hide. And she found a bunch of crates and put Po in there.

I didn't really know why she wanted to walk away. She was suppose to hide from the wolves...not get to them. I swear Po and his parents could've been alive together if his Mom hadn't let him go. What for?

But nevermind. And yeah, Po was a hunnnggrryy Panda. And the credits you'll see this animations of Po eating and eating again.

So yeah, I love his adopted father. I dunno, I just do...and dun say I'm gay! D:<

Then there was one part at the end, the last battle. Po use inner peace to throw back the firework cannon balls. Yeah, this cannon balls have fireworks on them.

Mostly because they said that peacocks create fireworks. I don't really know how. Not at all.

But yeah, it's good to see that Po's dad is also alive :D And he's also part of the Kung Fu. And yeah, Soothsayer was one of the funniest character I've seen.

I dunno why she kept eating Shen's peacock feathers. Weird. She must've an obssesion with it. Even though she has wisdom and all.

And I think Tigress as a tiger...yeah she feels nothing. But yeah, I wish Po's mom survived the attack ): 

This story is well, it's Po finding an answer to where he came from. And this is an actual credits of the movie, to watch it, play the video below:
Yeah so Po was adopted by Mr. Ping. I found out his name until now. 

Mr. Ping. Ping for games. Nevermind.

To visit their official website, click on this image:

 Awesome picture. More like... pure awesomeness! YEAH!

So I dunno if there's gonna be another prequel of the next Kung Fu Panda. I dunno. But this may be the last one.

Now I think people are gonna stop. I dunno. There maybe. Now people who are doing this film need to rest. Aw man, how to explain this...

It's like on one hand we think there's gonna be another prequel and the other hand, we just don't feel like it yet.

Besides, the movie just came out a few weeks ago. Until now, it's still going on.

Anyway. When Po was going on his adventure. I hate it that Tigress was pissed that she's been turned into a action figure.

I dunno. This should be her first time seeing herself in mini version. Yes I still love the characters in this movie.

Jeez. I'm still thinking of Mr.Ping. I dunno, cuz' he's a goose and all. But anyway, I love all the characters in this movie.

That's what made this movie...pure awesomeness! >:D Yeah! Oh! And before you go, don't forget to listen to this awesome theme:

So anyway, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers and hope to see you guys.

When I see you guys. Bye :)