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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Featured Deviations

I added this gadget is because I actually added a widget on deviantART. To see the widget on my profile...

Go here --->link 

So yes, I thought whatever I put on the widget...I put the gadget on here. This is the current deviantART at the moment.

Yes, it's dedicated to another deviantART user that I have a crush on. Name's Miranda. To see her deviantART profile... 

Go here ---> link 

Ah ha...she's hot alright. And she didn't even mind a thing about me drawing sexy stuff about her. She even thanked me for making that art.

I never thought girls wouldn't be offended by some perverted dude. Not sure, really. But yeah anyways, this is all I can say. 

And this stupid links always attach to each other. Like when I'm typing next to the linked word, the text I typed after that turns into the link. 

Damnit. But I guess I don't have to tell you that, do I? Guess not. So anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)