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Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Mortal Kombat arts

Got I decided to post the new Mortal Kombat arts that I've already submitted. 

So here are the links and how I think/feel about it...

Yes I've done Shao Kahn. The font is not bad actually :D But something doesn't feels right at all D:

Look at the's smaller than the body. All because of the shoulder pads. They had to be all long and thick. Idiots. 

So I have to make Shao Kahn muscular. Personally, I don't think it'll set a good role model. No really, like a model. 

But anyways, umm...yeah his head looks small. Sorry if there's no pupil in his eye. It's because this is Eye Toons. 

And of course, I'm the illustrator, author and creator of Eye Toons. And Eye Toons never require pupils. Only sclera. This is what a sclera looks like:
 Yes this is what a sclera loks's the white part beside the iris and the pupil.

And I bet you're kind of confused. But this image will explain everything. The curved plate at the back looks small in height than it is in width.

But anyways, Shao Kahn's art "kind of" suck even though it was drawn by me. 
This is never ever heard in the Mortal Kombat series. Earthon. IT was just my idea to make a new mortal kombatant. 

That controls hard stuff like rocks, stones, concrete, cement...

And he can create a thick shield :D yeah... so it's my idea for a new kombatant that isn't in the Mortal Kombat trilogy. Or series :P

I like how small his mask is in height. Heh heh XD 
And Kratos...yes. He looks sooooo awesome!!! I like his rounded-head(because it's Eye Toons, duh!) And the thick line mark. 

You know the thick red line that goes over his right eye and his right shoulder? Yeah. I love this. And it's made by me :D Awesome!

I like it on how I did the spears too. And that they have chains attached. I like his beard, upper arm pad, dark wings at the back, gloves and the font. 

Awww!!!He's looks soooo...awesome! Sorry, I kept using that word. But I think it's okay :)

This is just a cheap version or Kratos. I made it in my school's computer lab when we're having a lesson. 

And I did this when the teacher allowed me to serve the web. So yes, that's awesome. I dunno, this is like...when Kratos is a child or something.

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3 *best!*

I did three versions so that the image will go well. Version 3 is definitely the best art I've done :D I got the sword dagger at the back of Scorpion. Version 1&2 doesn't :P

So yes, Scorpion deploys his spear and Sub-Zero forms a ice dagger and is about to stab Scorpion. I actually dunno why Sub-Zero's head is like...smaller than his head. 

I dunno, it's not actually but...the head's gotta get bigger though :P But who cares, at least it looks pure awesome.

I like Scorpion's mask too though. And so far that's the newest amount of arts I have.

So I hope you enjoy the arts. And don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)