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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Air India Flight 182 Explosive Evidence(Nat Geo) Review

Hi everyone. Today, I'm gonna reviewing Air India Flight 182. The title of this episode is "Explosive Evidence". Usually sometimes I find Indians kind of interesting.

This is very much like a crime, a terrorist crime. It's something like a passenger didn't get on board a plane. 

Then the luggage he checked-in has a bomb in it. And basically it exploded? Yeah, that's what precisely happened on this episode.

Air India Flight 182 exploded in mid-air by a bomb that was held at the front cargo bay of the plane. Near the electronic bay.

So the reason why investigators don't find anything unusual is because that the bomb went off and destroy the black boxes' recordings. 

And also, it destroyed the plane. The force of the explosion in the plane was so powerful, that the plane blew up into pieces. Like, boom! 

The whole plane blew up into tiny tiny little pieces. Oh my god! If you wanna know what I mean, scroll down to get the parts of the episodes I found on YouTube.

It's like this. Form your hand into a fist. And like...move them in front of you. Like a center point. Use two hands and make them a fist.

Then flick them open. Just imagine a plane blowing up by making a fist and them flicking it open. Yes yes, you're doing it. 

Yeah, this is how the plane exploded in mid-air. I was like "Oh shit!" or something. The passengers fell from the sky! 

When the plane exploded into little pieces, the fall 35,000 ft down! Can you imagine how high that is? It's like walking 35,000 ft forward.

Followed by the fuselage of the plane. 

Now. I dunno what they meant by the Narita explosion. I dunno what it has to do with that. I've never even heard of it before.

But the flying scenery of Air India Flight 182 reminded me of the TWA 800 scenery. They both look exactly the same.

Now. I've seen the episode. Obviously. And it's said, that there is actually a FIFTH engine. Can you believe that?

A 747 with a fifth engine! From what I know, 747s only have 4 engines, not 5.

How can it be? It's impossible. And get this: The fifth engine is only on the left wing! What the heck are this people thinking? 

They probably want to plane to bang left. What kind of invention is that? It's for an extra one. Like let's say, one engine failed, and then the fifth engine will operate.

So they can have all four engines. But that fifth engine looks small and stupid. Look at the hanger. Ahhh, it just looks kind of stupid.

The one on Air India Flight 182 was removed, disassembled and placed into the cargo bay. Good to hear that, I don't want a freaking fifth engine on a plane anyway.

The things I like about this episode is the co-pilot. He's wearing that headband and it looks good on him. Aw man, you've GOT to see this episode. 

It's just too epic to resist. Okay, here are some of the parts of the episode I found on YouTube. 

To see the entire episode, select part:
1 2 3 4

Okay well. Now I've finished reviewing another Air Crash Investigation episode. I think I'm done here.

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