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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tutorial: How to watch YouTube Videos with embed object

Now this is gonna be a very simple and short tutorial that I thought I wanna put on my blog. But I'm not sure if anyone has already figured this out but so here's what I'm gonna show you.

Rather than using a fullscreen. Using an object view is normally taking the entire video box and play it on your browser screen.

I think taking a picture should be more easy for you to understand what I really meant. I'm gonna show you how to watch like this:

instead of this...

Now this tutorial may not be much of a suggestion. But it's just a way to show you how to watch it with the embed object.

And also without copying the embedded code. So let's begin...

1. Now go to the video you want to watch in embed mode. For example, I want this:

2. Highlight "watch?=v"

3. Type in "embed/"

4. Then click on the "Enter" key.

5. And you're done :D Once it is done...well, you'll know what it looks like, it looks like this:
Okay well, like I said, this is just gonna be a very short tutorial and it is easy to do.

So I hope you enjoy this tutorial. And yeah, I haven't posted my trip to Shenzhen yet. That's because my camera's freaking memory card got stuck in my sister's laptop.

Crappy. And was a total load of crap when that didn't happen. So you and I have to wait till that laptop got opened up and the memory card removal.

I didn't wanna put it in mine because it doesn't have a memory card slot. And even if I could put it in my sister's laptop, the slots too big.

So that's why a smaller memory card like this could fit it in and get stuck all the way in. Only bigger memory cards can fit in there.

Anyways, I'll talk more on that post that we all hope will come soon. If no, then nevermind. But thanks getting 14694 views.

Really appreciate it. I could even hit the top 10 blogs :D Thanks. Just don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)