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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tissues with the Issues

I forgot to tell you guys this yesterday so this is a post which is...sort of disgusting. But not very. Anyways, this occured yesterday.

I dunno why my school still doesn't wanna put toilet rolls in the cubicals. The reason why they dun have it is because of what happened last year.

The students kept taking pieces of tissue rolls, wet them and throw into the occupied cubical which their friend is in it.

They probably wanna do it for fun or wanna use it.

Another thing is, students climb to the toilet bowl with the seat closed with the panel that's covering the hole. Of course.

Then they climb on the container at the back of seat. And see what's going on. That's really disgusting and stupid.

What if there's poop on the seat. Dirty students. I dunno what the hell is wrong with guys this days. Stupid.

The issue is:

When you wanna poop real bad and urgent, like when you have diarrhoea or stomachache, you need that huge piece of dump out of your butt-hole real bad that you just want the pain to go away.

Just make sure you dun make a big dump on your boxers or underwears. I think I should bring some disposable underwears.

Just incase I pooped in it. Peter Chao told us this when he uploaded a vid of BACK TO SCHOOL. You maybe able to find it on his channel.

Or bring a toilet roll and put it in your bag from home. That way you won't run the entire school just to find a cubical with a toilet roll.

Anyways, I gotta go check out peter chao's new vid. BYE!