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Monday, August 8, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Ah ha, that's right, I've watched Captain America. 


But not completely. We were kind of late for the movie so we missed the first part ): 

This movie didn't really have any good ending in it. But here's what I'll tell you how it should've ended.
Instead of crashing that gigantic ship into the ice.

Why doesn't he just try to figure out how to change the route? Seriously. Changing the route is so easy. Then he could fly the plane back to the army.

Well, of course somewhere that could fit the gigantic plane. And they'll embrace the technology. He should've done that. 

Then he wouldn't have lost the dance or whatever with Peggy. And now looked what happened. He slept for almost 70 years. 

What the freak man! What the freak. She had dyed already. How could she live that long? Which I wish she could.

The end was like..."I'm on a date". Then what? Aw this is so freaking stupid, I want to see the good ending where he attended the dance with her. 

It really suck. I would like to see HISHE dot com do a better ending. Seriously. But I dunno, maybe I didn't watch the beginning so I wouldn't knew what happened :P

I really hope that Peggy and Steve are still in love. Did you see how hurt she was when he didn't attend the dance?

What the freak. I want an alternate ending. Seriously. Or at least it's the real ending. I wish it didn't really have to happen like this.

I want this to happen! I don't want someone to just sit there and not do nothing. I dunno, but I would consider to see a good real ending in front of my eyes.

But yeah it's really sad. Plus Peggy is really hot. Of course, the actor who act as her is Hayley Atwell. There's actually a picture of her with great boobs:
Seriously just look at that dude! She looks freaking awesome with the epic boobs that she has.

I dunno but there's some photos that is other Hayley Atwell, go here to find out

Oh my god, she's so hot. I think I'm about to have a crush on her XD Haha! Nah I'm just kidding. But she's really hot.

I wish I was her boyfriend. Kidding! Not that old to date a woman like this. But I wish she had the best. Oh and there's parts where she wears the white uniform.

You can see her boobs :D But I can't find a picture of it ): Too bad...

But anyways, yes I've seen Red Skull. The evil plot of Hitler's but more futuristic. And it's surprising to see that Hugo Weaving was the one who acted out as him :D

The one who voiced Megatron is him. Awesome.
Yeah. Hugo voiced Megatron in Transformers 

Isn't that awesome? Besides look at Megatron here. Awesome

Hey...nice arrow :D

Anyway, I got all downed ever since I didn't see Steve and Peggy got to the dance. Stupid Steve, why do you have to sleep for 70 freaking years? Almost.

Stop being the sleeping beauty. Seriously. What the freak is wrong with you? Why did it took him so long to wake up?

I don't care if he's Captain America, I care about him attending the dance. Yes, that's the only thing I care about.

Freaking ending. It's up to HISHE to do the good ending.
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