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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Skittles Newlyweds Commercial (+18)

Everyone has been spreading this stuff onto the facebook walls. So I decided that I'll review it. But it's not gonna be very long.

So it's not a spoiler :D

Anyways. This commercial is really erotic and sexually explicit-ed. But what the heck man...why would a guy like this have his dick in a hot woman like this? 

Oops...I'm sorry you have to hear that. Now this is basically a parody of pornographic material. But it does not show any vagina or penises at all.

Even though it's actually really funny that instead of sperms, he's cumming out Skittles XD

What the heck! Is he some kind of superhero or something? Oh! Maybe he's Skittleman :D

And the way he says "It's about to cum(x2)" was really funny and he said it kind of quick. I dunno, watch the video and you know what I mean.

The face was really captivating, the way he reacts to doing an anal job was awkward. It's really indescribable and only can be described if you are actually watching it.

Now you can only watch this video if it has been embedded. If it's not, then ):

And he cummed a lot of Skittles out of his penis. But I actually think it's fake. He had a bottle of Skittles and he opens the cap. 

But I'm not sure how it starts to shoots out. I just wish I was that guy who is doing an anal job to the girl.

Except that it's real sex. Nah I'm just kidding. I can't believe you would actually think I'm gonna do that.

But seriously, this girl is really hot. I don't get why a girl would wanna marry a freak like this. And get this: My penis actually steamed when I saw this O_O

In my life, it's one of the things that I've always wanted. A girlfriend with great looks. I usually wanna pick one up with...

1. Pretty/Hot/Sexy face
2. Long sexy hot tongue
3. Epic boobs
4. Great legs

I dunno. I'm just saying. But I think at one part, I saw his dick that's actually in her butt hole O_O

Maybe. I'm not sure. But anyways, I'll give this commerical a Like...

Oh my god, I wanna have sex! Just kidding.

Why would I wanna have sex? After all, I was just joking. Jeez...

But this commercial was actually banned because of the sexual content that was in it. You could only watch it here...or on vimeo...
 Yes that's the only site which has it available. Okay so don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :) 

Mortal Kombat Legacy episodes so far...

 Yes yes I know, I think most of you are expecting me to review the latest episode that's released yesterday. 

It's the story of Cyrax and Sektor. And this is awesome. Although, Sektor does not look like the way he's suppose to be. In robot form.

Cyrax is perfectly match to his character in MK9. But Sektor? No! He looks the same as Cyrax. He's suppose to look like this:
Yeah this is what he's suppose to look like in the Legacy episode.

The doctor must've failed at that. Jeez, I like this Sektor better than that.

Ah...but who cares, he still kicks ass though. Here's what he looks like in the Legacy episode:
 Yes his mask looks very much like Cyrax's. Oh no wait, this screenshot isn't well taken. There's actually the rods at the back of the head. Here's a clearer one and high qualified:
Yes. As you can see Cyrax and Sektor look almost the same.

Except of course, Sektor is all red and blue and Cyrax is all yellow and green. I love the fighting scene the most.

Especially when Cyrax at the end, it's AWESOME! Here's a screenshot:
Yeah he walks with Sektor and then stop.

And looks back at the camera and his lens starts shining at the camera. Awesome...

And yes, they challenged Hydro. Hydro is one of the drones. Kind of like just a normal soldier robot with skills.

I like how he slices Hydro's head off. At first he sliced it but the head didn't fall off. A few wires and metal are still intacted.

And yes, he slices the neck with his wolverine claw thingy. I think they took that idea from Wolverine. And yeah, then Cyrax kicks the head off.

And what the heck! Did you see Sektor walking behind Hydro like he's waiting for Cyrax to finish Hydro off? 

They're making Sektor suck a lot. Just by walking there being patient to wait for Hydro's death. Useless.

And Lol XD A glitch. This is not a game, what the heck. I never knew glitches can be in real life. This is probably like Iron Man 2 :D 

And yes, I'd actually watch Iron Man 2 with my dad, mom and my sister. And jeez, the Grand Master is asian.

I'm not being racist. It's okay for the Grand Master to be an asian.  And Sektor is freaking weak. He's a weakling. 

Hydro completely owned Sektor. As Cyrax is more skilled than Sektor :D Well yeah, they work perfectly together. But Sektor is just helping out.

And what the heck is Kano doing here? Okay he is alive. But where the heck is his red eye? How did Kano ever get his right eye back?

Doesn't makes sense at all. Maybe it's under his skin. He just had to but a layer of skin and sow it onto the damaged part of his head. I dunno.

Maybe. And Cyrax's lens shine was like the shine on Modern Warfare's title sequence. Awesome.

And there is also episodes of Scorpion and Sub-Zero :D But Scorpion as always, never use his fire to attack Sub-Zero at all.

That's stupid.

Here are the two parts of the episode:

 I actually didn't really like either Scorpion neither did I like Sub-Zero being in the Legacy episode. 

Cuz' they look really suckish in the Legacy episode. Scorpion's wearing some kind of chinese fierce mask that doesn't even look like anything to me.

Could've the ribs like mask. Sub-Zero is alright. He did use lots of his ice in this episode. Sub-Zero rules.

Even though his mask is like rubber. And it sucks that it has to be made of rubber. Could've been aluminum. But that's way too heavy. 

And Quan Chi looks like some kind of characters that comes from some fantasy movies like Harry Potter or something.

And no, I'm not gonna watch Deathly Hallows or whatever. Harry Potter is for nerds. Not me.

Anyway, yeah and Scorpion's kunai is attach to a rope, what the heck. I want a freaking chain. Well I dunno, I think it's because the chain would be really heavy. 

So Scorpion wouldn't be able to swing that out. And say...

GET OVER HERE!!! ----------<>


Yeah was awesome though. Even though I would like to see Sub-Zero freeze Scorpion. That would be like in the Kratos trailer.


Yeah so I hope the next character I could see is Cyber Sub-Zero. Cuz' he didn't appear. Crap.

But I actually only like these two episodes. Well now I got nothing to say much though. So yes, that's it.

Remember to comment, share and get more viewers...bye :)