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Friday, February 25, 2011


The exams in my school are over.

They lasted a week. Today was the last of it. It's okay.

I hope I get at least a B or a A on my tests. Sometimes a C is okay too. My math test didn't really go so well. Cuz' when I was about to do the last question, time was up. Shitty.

I can't believe it. Cuz' the test in this week is only 45 minutes. And that's stupid. They should've give us more time to do the test.

Well, things have changed this year. And I think it should be better like last year. Last year, our final exam was allowed to let the students go home AFTER the test.

No lessons happens after the test. We just came there for a test for the day. Anyways, this is just the first exam of this year. So I think it's not yet. Still far from now.

Well, I studied hard for it. Almost. I hope I get to a better level next year. Okay well, I dun feel like saying anything now so, BYE!!!