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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Star Trek INTO DARKNESS (2013) "Additional Detail" Review

This is probably or is my first time doing something I called the "Additional Detail" review. But this may happen on some occasions. 

So it's not going to be every time. This review only occurs when I watch the movie again either because there's some details I forgot...or if I happen to miss one part when I go to the men's restroom and have a piss, then I would watch again just to see the movie including that part I missed.

If some of you seen my review of previous Star Trek Into Darkness review. The review of Star Trek Into Darkness has some things that are not inside.

Due to my restroom emergency. So that's when this "additional detail" review comes in. It fortunes when I go watch the movie again just to capture the visual of the part I missed.

So this time when I went to watch the movie, apparently it's the last week the tickets for Star Trek Into Darkness is selling at some cinemas. 

For me, I have my last chances and I took it. See, it's my repeated actions that make this "additional detail" review possible.

I went to watch it again. And here I am on this first "additional detail" review. Okay, okay. Let's get onto the details that I wanna add into the review that I had a week ago or so.

If you want to watch my previous entry of my Star Trek Into Darkness review...go >>HERE<< 

Alright. So I did get to see the part where after Spock yells... "KHAN!!!!!" 

Yeah people who make their reviews on YouTube mentions this. That Spock yells Khan. And I like it and after he yells, that's where I missed the last time I went to watch it.

So what happened was that after Spock yelled Khan. We see the Vengeance who has suffered extreme massive damage due to the explosion with the torpedoes that has been emptied.

You know? The part where Spock took all the cryo sleeping tubes out of the torpedoes. All 72 of them. And surrender purposely the torpedoes to Khan. 

And Khan assumes that the cryo sleeping tubes are in there when they're not. So the torpedoes don't contain the cryo sleeping humans anymore.

So the Enterprise loses power as the power core lost contact and Kirk went in there to kick it back to contact.

He did it and got blasted back due to the powerful radiation that blasted him back to the walls of the containment of the power core.

And the Enterprise falls through the clouds but later we hear a booming sound and then the Enterprise rises up from the clouds.

And this is pretty much how they rise up from clouds back at Saturn's moon in the first movie. Titan :)

Then Spock went to find Scotty after he told Spock that he needs to see Kirk slowly dying for himself. Spock ran down to the warp core where Scotty and Kirk is.

Spock finds Kirk lying near the locked door. So that's when the emotional part happens.

Wait...did I just repeat what I said earlier? Dang! Oh well. I just I'll go with it. Too lazy to go and delete that first part. Otherwise you people would be a little bit or half confused about this "additional detail" review.

Alright! Back to where we were. Spock goes into tears cause of Kirk's dying body. Then Vulcan hand sign each other on a door. And Spock rages with tears and yell Khan.

That we flashed quickily when the Vengeance was later seen also being pulled into Earth's gravitational pull. 

And I just got a theory. If the ship's gravity stabilizers aren't working, the ship will either float in space stranded or if they're within any gravitational pull FIELD!...of any planet or a star, they would fail and get pulled into that star or planet's surface. If they're within the field. 

Different planets have different amount of strength with it's gravitional pull. Some fields are larger, some are smaller.

So the Enterprise regains power core and the gravity stabilizers regained power and the Enterprise regained attitude. And rises up from Earth's clouds.

While the Vengeance has only Khan alone in the bridge, he can't do anything to stop the Vengenace from falling. So yes! I get to see that happen. The Enterprise was lucky enough not to get knocked by the Vengeance as it plunges into San Francisco's ocean and then drifts and destroys some part of San Francisco. 

And casualties were made. Khan was able to survive that crash due to his super genetically enhanced body and he slides down the window of the bridge of the destroyed Vengeance as that window as already been shattered and fall somewhere in San Francisco city or the ocean.

Khan slides down on the Vengeance's wreckage and down to the surface of the city. He manages to walk away from the Vengeance as no one seems to suspect him. But that doesn't really matter does it? o_O

So apparently the Enterprise detects Khan escaping from the Vengeance and out into the world of San Francisco.

Spock was beamed down to San Francisco as somehow it's impossible to beam Khan up here to the bridge of the Enterprise which would be stupid.

Khan could kill some of the crew in the bridge. So no way! Spock beamed down to the area where Khan is in the city. And go after him in a chase. 

There were some teenagers who's probably somewhere around my age sitting next to me laughing. I dunno why...but how is see a wide side view of Spock and Khan running...funny?

I dunno. Maybe it's just the way they run :)

After running like a mile or something, Khan manages to jump onto the top of a shuttlecraft of some sort. Probably a delivery shuttlecraft.

If someone could explain to me what Spock and Khan are having their fight on. Please tell me. Thank you :)

It's that red shuttlecraft. And there were two of them. You know, Khan jumps into another red shuttlecraft  that's lower than the other? Yeah.

And then Spock jumps from the higher red shuttlecraft. And then fights off Khan again. Spock almost got his skull crush though. Eesh...

Yeah it sucks the Admiral Pike died :\ But he probably wouldn't do a better job than Kirk. So yeah :\

Uhura then beams herself onto the red shuttlecraft and Khan turns around and Uhura fires at him with a phaser. Spock takes a cube object that he pulled out from the ship's roof. And hits Khan with it as Khan turns around when Spock made him. 

Spock hits him with that cube. And breaks Khan's arm. Khan falls to the roof of the shuttlecraft. Spock punches Khan in the face multiple times.

Khan obviously can't stand the punches and so results himself with bruises on the face. Khan even neck pinches Khan and Khan could feel the pain but soon endures the pain and goes back to fighting Spock.

Uhura stops Spock as she warns him that they needed Khan after McCoy finds out that the blood of Khan could revive Kirk. 

As we all know, Khan's blood is regenerative. McCoy tested it out on a tribble earlier and it worked and the tribble organism starts to function.

Then they somehow manage to take Khan under custody and extract some blood from Khan. And infuse that blood into Kirk. 

They later puts Khan in the cryo sleeping container and kept him in the hangar where all the 72 cryo sleeping crew are in. 

I love that. Even though I know he's the bad guy. But he's happy because he reunites with his frozen crew. Yes, he's frozen too.

Kirk later wakes up in a medical bay in the high ranked officer  building. And McCoy glads to see Kirk awakes after suffering from radiation and turns alive with Khan's blood.

Kirk thanked Spock for his actions. And later we see Kirk giving a speech to all the highly ranked officers including his crew.

And Khan is goes back to his cryo sleep. And the we later see the crew of the Enterprise uniting back together again :)

And warps out and then the end. 


You know, I love the propeller techno sound the Vengeance makes when it catches up with the Enterprise while at warp. 

Yeah! Look at how badass that is. I really liked the idea though :) Usually they said the Enterprise would be safe at warp. But the Enterprise is no match for the Vengeance warp capability.

The Vengeance catches up and attacks the Enterprise, knocking them out of warp. And continues firing.

Oh well. I just really love this movie. Love the visuals of the Enterprise and Vengeance. And oh yeah! I don't even know why Khan would ask the computer to set a collision course for the Starfleet Headquarters.

The ship is failing and falling from space then from sky and into the ocean of San Francisco then to the city.

I thought Khan is better at everything? Oh well. I don't really find that much of a dissapointment really. It's all good :)

It's not that much of a big deal really. So yeah. Alright, I'll leave you with all this and thanks for reading. I really appreciate your patience.

Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. BYE! :D