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Monday, April 4, 2011

Transformers 2 Game funny short

Now. I know this game is already 2 years ago. But I just wanna share this funny short I found on YouTube.

It's in multiplayer mode. And all the guys who are challenging each other are at first...walking in a row and walking like a gang.

And then the funniest part was that they somehow manage to kill each other using their fusion cannons(special attack) to kill each other.

The other way of them killing each other was that they all grouped together in a circle.

Facing one another. Then ching chong ding dong XD...

They get ready for their big fusion cannons and shoot each other. And then I dunno, there was this sound going off.

I heard it from some of the YouTube Poop vids and ya. When they get ready for their cannon and when it's building up, BOOMM!!!

It was like...what the...BOOOMMMMM!!!!! Ya sorry. No vulgarities allowed except for shit and...suck.

Ya I dunno why some people dun find it offensive this days. Like they just litterly say it sometimes.

So this is the video: