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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to Shorten Your URL with

Hi everybody. Today. I'm gonna show you a tutorial on how to shorten a URL. Ya I've seen people on facebook using short URLs.

So now, I know how to do it. Okay.

1. Go to

2. Now open a new tab.
3. Then go to any websites you wanna shorten.
4. Right click and Copy.
5. Then return to
6. Then paste the long URL there.

7. As you see, I've pasted the URL I wanna shorten. Then click "Shorten". And then the short URL will appear. Click "Copy".

8. Then there you have it. Then paste that URL where you want to paste to.

Okay. So I've shown you a tutorial of how to shorten a url. Here's a video of how this tutorial is done:

Yes. This is a video and hopefully it helps you very much. Now the screenshots I took is the new versio of .

But it doesn't matter. That one is the old one. So ummm... WE HAVE A VIDEO!!! YAY :D

Ya so this tutorial is by PinnacleTech. Thanks to him, he has helped me to shorten URLs.

So ummm...okay so have fun shortening and URLs and see you guys next time. (; --->wrink eye

Phillipines Airlines Flight 434 Bomb On Board(Nat Geo) Review

Hey guys. This is my review of another Air Crash Investigation.

This time, we're gonna be talking about Phillipines Airlines Flight 434. This is very much like a bomb on a plane.

Ya the story is based on a terrorist attack. Yousef, the terrorist who planted the bomb in the life jacket's pocket, was caught as the one who planted the well-assembled and examined bomb under seat 26K. 

Yousef was one of the most highly skilled bomb builder in the world's history. He takes the components of the bombs so that it is easily passed through airport security.

He used explosive chemicals. I'm not sure what it is. I forgot. But ya, this is Yousef.
Ya, he looks very much the same like the one in this episode of Air Crash Investigation.

The actor who acts as the terrorist who planted the bomb on Phillipines Airlines Flight 434.

The above picture is obviously, he's real face. And ya, he's one smart bomb builder for a Pakistan.

Ya, this guy lives in Pakistan. And he started his mission from Manila. During the flight trip, he is planning to go into one of the lavatory in the aircraft.

And assemble the bomb with his Casio watch, bottle which contains explosive chemical disguise as a saline solution bottle, Eveready batteries, tapes, and some wires to attach to the watch and the bottle's hole.

Ya this are the main items that are used to assemble the bomb.

Okay now, te saline solution bottle is not the exact cover.

Sorry, I can't find any of it that matches the one in the episode.

Shitty. I can't believe that I couldn't find it at all. But it's okay. At least I have the items that helps you know what is planted together in the bomb.

But anyways, ya, the japanese guy who sat at 26K where it was occupied by Yousef the bomb 4 hours earlier when he left the plane with the bomb ticking under seat 26K 0_0

Ya and when he heard the bomb beeping loudly, he look down, turning left and right wondering what the heck is that noise coming from.

He didn't realise that a bomb is kept under his seat is 5 seconds away from it's detonation.

Then...everything went BOOOMMM!!!! The bomb exploded.

Causing the plane to turn right. It was a force. And it's very powerful. Then the ailerons, the one which helps the plane to turn, is not jammed by the force of the blast.

So the Captain had to decrease the throttles on the plane causing the 2 engines on the left wing to lose most of it's power.

Which is another way to turn the plane to another angle. Normally, this can only be performed when both ailerons are jammed on any emergencies.

Cannot be performed on a fine and well aircraft. It will be dangerous. So ummm... ya this is basically the story.

Oh! And you know the japanese who was sitting at 26K...died. Did you see that!? The body just exploded into half. The belly area which connects the stomach area to the legs where swallowed by the blast.
Ya you see the part where it has the rectangle and cross-cross pattern? Ya, that's the part which is gone.

I was like...what the heck. But at least it didn't happened to me at all. Of course.

But ya, I would LOVEEEE to get on any Boeing or Airbus plane. That would be the best part. I love getting to the airport and then onto a plane like that.

Anyway, ya. I think I've exceeded my limit. So here are the parts to the episode that I found on YouTube.

Click here to watch part:
1 2 3 4 5

Okay. So uhhh...ya you can watch five parts of this episode. It's either you come back here after every part...or you just pick the part from the suggestion bar.

Well, I'm gonna post a tutorial on the next post. See you guys there. 

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