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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Nowadays...things been running normally. My sister has been vomiting the whole time and that's real bad. 

In a good way of course. And it just seem really boring right now. I even wonder what's going on with my dad lately. What's gottin' into him?

He starts to be quite angry about everything. I dunno, must be for some reason. He's not always like this.

Yell at me for not closing the door earlier. My brother was the one who opened it. So the blames are on both of us.

Sucks doesn't it? My brother is because he could've closed it in the first place and I...could've bothered to go and close it myself.

However my brother is just lucky he didn't get yelled at. Well I dunno...wish my dad would just calm down at some point. 

Been going through deviantART messages nowadays. Even now that is. Oh god I just wish there's something new on the internet right now. 

Well there is one thing that came to my mind right now, it was the new smosh video...  It was pretty cool I guess. And besides, I'm just really bored right now I can't even think anything about that video.

But yeah I like the new idea they got...snailing. Lol :D

Some day people are just gonna come up with another idea and put it on their youtube videos. Some people just invented one for themselves but don't even show it on the internet.

I dunno, somehow maybe they will. And I also think that I shouldn't use my laptop or my computer nowadays. 

My dad might ban me off of it till the end of the holidays. But yeah...maybe tomorrow. I dunno.

Or today. I got an english homework that I still hadn't started on. It's suppose to be a holiday homework.

Luckily December holidays still gave me chances. Or now could be the best time. Well I'm just really wasting time right now typing my ass off of something.

I dunno even if I do parents still won't realise that I spent a few hours doing my homework. Sometimes parents don't even believe you do the good deeds.

Cuz' the don't even get their legs there that's why they don't even see you doing it. Well yeah sometimes they do but just not that much.

At some point you'll just start to say that you hate your life. But I can't blame it, god gave us life. So what's the point of dying?

We have everything we need to learn here. And hopefully there'll be more in the future. That is if someone decides to invent something new.

Like a machine or something that will change the world. Might be considering me but not really. I'm not that much of a genius yet.

I don't even know why my stomach is aching right now. But it'll be okay. And now I just need to clear my deviant messages then I go to sleep a while to cure my ache.

And it's off to homework. Then after that I'm just come back here to my laptop or my computer. Well right now basically, I'm using my laptop so...yeah.

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