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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long time no blogging

Hi's been a long time ever since I hadn't post a single post on this very blog. I'm really sorry  about this long event that occured...

Of no stuff. No latest news update or whatever. Sorry about that. But anyways. In my blogger...I'm using this awesome new interface. It's all white...

It looks something like this:
Click to Zoom
Yeah it's completely white :D

When I'm typing right now...I'm also seeing the same thing. On the right sidebar we have the post settings.

For labels(which I don't use at all), schedule(same as labels), location(same as labels) and options...

Options I dunno...I'll open it and see what it is...hold on. Oh's basically options for:

1. Reader comments
2. Backlinks(not really sure what that is, comment if you know)
3. Compose mode
4. Line breaks(not sure what it is, don't wanna find out :P)

Here's what it looks like:

Yes you can see it very very clearly. Yeah so this is what it EXACTLY looks like. 

First two checks are allow and not allowed.

Basic answers. And the compose mode HTML literally. Now showing HTML is not my thing...

If I show my html to you would suck asses...not literally XD Lol. Interpreting means to run it and show what it becomes when it's composed.

I dunno what's the word for that. But if you do...comment in the section below |

Ah ha... 

And above we got the basic things if you're a person who also has a blog like me and types stuff. We have the "Compose/HTML" buttons...undo and redo button. Font and size selection. Bold, Italic and Underlind. Font color and highlight color.

Link, image, movies, jump break insert buttons. Alignment selection.  Number and bullet points. Quote button. Remove formatting and spelling check.


Wow I really spoil it for you guys. Sorry. But I dunno if you guys want to see it...but if you really's it:
Click to Zoom
Yeah just click on the image to zoom. I can't afford to put it on extra large'll bust the width out.

Sucks huh? Even if I wanna adjust the wouldn't feel right for me. Okay maybe I should but the gadgets I want beside them should be in the right widths.

The reason you can't adjust heights is because of text. The longer you write or add things to the gadget or posts like this...

The bigger the height gets. So there's no point adjusting it and it's not provided. Hacking won't change anything. 

Or is there? o.O

Nah just kidding. Editing the htmls are hard. When it comes to editing the html of the ENTIRE blog. Anyways, I've been spending most of my time on deviantART that I just don't have time for blogger.

God damn it. And gotta tell you...I've uploaded some stuff and I got this awesome avatar:
Yeah it's really small. 50x50 pixels. Well it's an avatar. What do you expect?

I even use it for my avatar picture on deviantART...check it on this avatar to start:
Ya I could've done it on the first one...damn it. Ah nevermind...who cares.

Anyways, my profile has a lot of stuff that looks almost awesome. Or nearly awesome. Or toilet awesome...or dog awesome...

XD Lol

I uploaded stuff. I seldom go to my facebook though. Just to check stuff...nothing much. I've an art on Noob Saibot wearing his klassic costume.

Playing Portal 2 with his clone. Cuz' Saibot uses portals for fighting too. Awesome huh?

Here's it:
Yeah most of you knew that Noob Saibot has a clone for his fatality.

So here's his fatality with his clone:
Ah ha...but I think this is possible. I dunno...I'm not willing to try it or have anything to do with it.

It's Saibot's work...not mine. Then here comes another one by Saibot:  Uh huh...this time there's portals. He opens a portal below Smoke.

The clone pops up from the portal. Pull Smoke into the portal until half of his body.

And Saibot closes up the portal  then half of the body got chopped off. His upper body...of course, is still on the surface.

Then he crawls and crawls until he falls.'s like "I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!AW..."

You know? Yeah. Anyways just check out gallery on deviantART for my latest arts I've done.

Hey if you guys want to see my newest deviations...go to the top-right sidebar and see the gadget that has title that says "Newest Deviations".

Yes. Go there and click any of the art the attracts you or if you wanna see it...just CLICK on them.

When you click on'll lead you to the art page. But if you wanna see my gallery. Go to the bottom of the gadget and click on "View Gallery!!!"

Yeah. If you wanna know what to do with that gallery...Here's what I'll show you. Just click on this image and follow the instructions:
Add caption

Or not. Nevermind. So it's just two instructions. Easy as pie.

Yeah pie XD Lol

I dunno...maybe something might change. I dunno.

Okay so I hope you guys comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)