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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guns I've drawn so far

I've drawn the Mac 10 already. Including the Steyr TMP and the MP5 Navy. I'm still on the UMP SMG. Ya, my drawing of the MP5 looks totally awesome.

I drew it soooo well that it's irresistable and I love it. Good thing it fits vertically. Or else the stock& the butt would've been shorter. Cuz' there's not much space in a vertical paper. 

Well, I knew I could draw it horizontally but, I just didn't think of it that time. But it's still good. Ya I'm still at my mom's office so...a few minutes ago, Mom bring me to the foodcourt downstairs in the office building. 

And the meal is delicious. Anyways, I'll talk to you guys later if I can. See you!

Being at my mom's office

Man, I had to say, being at my mom's office is pretty boring. I know I could do something, like work but I'm not sure what KIND of work I can do.

If some of you are asking why it's boring when you're using the computer, it's because there's not really like anything to do.

But of course, I wouldn't wanna shut it down immediately if I had nothing to do on the computer. Man, I wish I have something to eat. Only ate breakfast at home. Lunch???I dunno. But it's WAYYY past lunch time.

Even that, I still wanna get something to fill up my stomach. Dun wanna run out of energy and nutritions. Wish my mom(who works with dad) ask me if I'm hungry.

Maybe SHE could get me something. Dad never wanted to ask this kind of question. He only wanted to ask me why I'm using the computer. And what's so important.

I dunno where he left his concern to?Dumpster? I dunno but all I want is food. Alright, I think that's enough for my writing. See you soon if I can.

My Name Is Lincoln- Avatar& The Island soundtrack

I love this soundtrack. It's so pleasant and all. One from Avatar and one from The Island. Those music is good, and it's really nice and you can feel it.

You can play either two to listen to them. The Island soundtrack is the original music. So play that^^