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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flynn Lives (So does Ram) "video" review

You know I've been a tron fan just two years...and umm...just so you know, this video really makes me impatient for the next part that comes out on...

Oh I dunno...2012? Or maybe even worst, 2013. Heck I wish it's 2012, I can't wait any longer.

But now that I think of myself struggling for this damn movie to come out, I think that the film takes time so I dunno.

I don't think I should rush for perfection. But I just can't wait though. Even since I've heard of Tron Legacy. I'm psyched for the next part of the movie. 

And I do hope this clip above does appear in the movie somehow. But I just wish Sam, Kevin and Quorra is in the next film. 

But I hate it that they all die in Legacy and Evolution. What the heck man! It's not like it's gonna be the last film.

Legacy is just the first sequel. Why do they have to kill some people? Jeez...but of course, the normal programs in the movie is not what we would care about dying.

And umm...that explosion at the end, I just hope it doesn't destroy Tron city. Really, cuz' I would hate to see Tron vanish forever. 

And also the program, Tron. I wish he survived. I can't afford to lost his life. So I just wish he is back! 

I wonder when Uprising will be coming out. It's been a few months now and they haven't even realise a few episodes. God damnit!

Oh well, guess this just goes to show things are gonna have to wait for a long time. Sad huh? Oh well, yeah Ram was awesome in this. 

Didn't know where he lives. I mean come on...what kind of place is that? It looks like a basement without rooms upstairs or something. The door look like it's the door of a ship container. 

Oh well, I just hope the film's good though. I mean disney didn't even make a website for Destiny. Neither did a wiki comes up. 

Heck! Why are they giving so less info? Jeez. They should really really make a website for Destiny though.

Or at least change the Legacy one to Destiny. I dunno, just make sure the Destiny's have the ability to switch back to Legacy.

So yeah anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)