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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i3d forum contact

Now I joint i3d forum cuz of this cs source map called "Hosties_Hijacked_Plane".

Ya click the damn link that is highlighted and underlined. So uhhh, cuz of that, I wanna join so I can talk to Roy[NL], the guy who made this map. 
I wanna give him an idea for the next version of this map. Ya he is still under construction. This was just the first version of it. That came out pretty good. 
He just needs time to put the texture and I think he's gonna put two planes on this map. He only put one plane on the map. The other planes does not allow any entrance.
Anyways, ya I also love it when I'm joining this forum. Most of the people are dutch. So I hate to translate my sentences with Google Translate to dutch. So they could understand. 
Well, I will be adding this to my contacts list above.

Funniest L4D 1&2 cartoon parodies

This are the first two L4D parodies I've watched.

Left 4 Speed 1 review

Oh that? Ya ummmm, my favourite part was when Louis is shooting the desert eagle with his butt. I mean, how does he do that? What, does his butt have a hand inside or something? But it just made me laugh anyway. The part where I dun like is um... ya I can't think of it. 

Cuz' it's a hilarious parody, I have no part that is not my favourite. 

Left 4 Speed 2 Review

Ya this is a little bit more funny. The part where I like is:
1. When coach is talking, I dunno why but it just sounds so funny.
2. And florball. When jockey gets onto Ellis and Coach was like. Florball! Lol that one I laughed a lot.

The only thing I hate is that stupid retard Spitter. Ya I hate this zombie, even in the game.

Anyways ya I love this two parodies. There are also other parodies that I wanna share. 

This was awesome. And I dunno why Wrathborne as Zoey thinks the zombies are mexicans. Lol and Louis is not helping by keep standing in front of Zoey when she's about to kill a damn freaking zombie. I like that, plus the face is so detailed.

Oh and what the hell man, why is Francis healing Zoey when the chopper is already here. Ya I would say the same thing if Francis is healing me when it's time to get the hell out of that place.

And I dunno why Francis, Bill and Louis is peeing on the witch. They're just provoking her, I laughed about that. I dunno why Zoey thinks Boomer is cool. He's fat, why?

Ummm...ya, anyways, this was one of the funniest parodies, ya. And uhhhh ya I dunno why Louis, Bill and Francis thinks peeing on each other is cool. 

Ok this!? Is the funniest one of all. I like everything about this parody. The character drawing reminds me of the Simpsons. I love the cartoon. 

Bill is cute with that cigarette on his mouth. Oh my god, and TANK zombie is riding on a real tank. Ya I dunno why the people who created the game calls the big guy a tank.

Omg and Tank shoots at Louis. Aw shit this parody is too cute. And I love it when Louis said "Shit". I laughed like hell when I saw that.

Lol and Zoey is crying like the witch when Francis doesn't wanna give her the Lollipop. Lol. Oh that part, ya Bill looks even better like that. 

I giggled and laughed a lot when Francis started saying that he hates everything. He was like "I hate vans, I hate the airport, I hate tunnels......" 

Aw man that part that was freaking hilarious. And the rest of the survivors was like just standing there being idle.

Oh and Louis was like Pills here, Ammos here, Weapons here, First Aid here... wow that one...ya it's funny too.

And when Boomer vomited onto Louis. Louis was like "Oh no". Man that was of course, hilarious.

Man there is just too hilarious. I dunno why Louis would fall in love when he ate the pills. Haha! And he thinks the smoker is a hot black lady.

Then Francis was like "Elevators here". Why is he lifting his left leg? I dunno but I love this part even though it's not that hilarious. Then when the elevator went out of eletricity, then Francis said "I hate elevators" lol!

And wow, I would call the rest of my teammates to gather around the witch and shoot her together. Maybe that's the secret to kill a witch. Ha, lol. 

After the survivors went into the safe room, the sign says no smoking. For the smoker zombie, of course.

And boy, why do they think Boomer is a toad? Oh maybe Boomer is infected with frog poison or something. Haha, Boomer is pwnt!

And again "I hate sewers, I hate stairs, I hate train yards, I hate the water and I hate the helicopters.

Wow that one, they pushed him off the helicopter. Wow that one I fall off my chair. Man, that was nice! But Francis died at the end. Cuz' he deserve it.

Cuz' he hate everything God gave to him. Heh heh. But even though, I still miss Francis. Oh shit, I'm being gay. I mean...I hate Francis.

Haha, lol. But actually no, he was the funniest character of all in this parody. I hope everyone could see this. 

This is cute actually. I like it when they're walking so fast. And lol, Hunter's death attracts Hunter Squirrels. Wow.

And I dunno what the hell this is. Why is a dead zombie standing in the between of two lines? And get shot by Francis? Wow. Anyways ya, I think Francis is still awesome even though of what I said earlier on.

Oh well, I guess this one is really long. So I guess I'll hit the road, baby.

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