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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Possible airplane trip :D

I'm not sure Mom said when my Dad comes back from China, he's gonna bring me there.

I dunno how long we're gonna be there. I hope Mom is there. But she's not so sure about it yet. She said she'll see how things are going and stuff.

I might even fly a triple seven :D I hope so. Cuz' we're flying to Guangzhou. Maybe a 747, maybe. I dunno.

But even though that big boy is well...does not give me any interest. I like it interest shown.

We might be taking Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines also flies to US. So that's good, that's good. Or other airlines.

I hope the seat we're taking is a window seat. Aisle seats suck! They're boring, you don't even get to see the outside.

And that it's in front of the engine or...above the wing. It's either this:

Yeah actually both of the views are awesome. The one where it's in front of the engine... you can see smoke pouring out during take-off and the engines start ups.

And also the slats. But they're not that amazing to look at. They're just slats.

The one that's above the wing(shown in picture) is awesome. But you can see almost everything. There's actually one video where the window view is like this:

Yeah it's amazing. You can see the flaps going in and out. The ailerons and spoilers.

Of course, I won't forget the ones with a view of the front of the engine. Here are 2 videos:

Oh yeah...and when the plane takes off, you'll see the engine completely filled with it's very own smoke O_O

=.= ===3

It won't occur to some airplanes but mostly, they do. The engine has gone mad >:O

:D Lol

Anyways, I didn't really like flying on 747. I'm different from other people. They usually think the 747 and the 380 is the best.

Well, it is. But in my opinion, they're okay to me. Nothing special. I only like the triple seven. Or should I say 777.

Yeah like I said, we're going to Guangzhou. I hope it's 3 or 2 days. Don't wanna stay there too long.

The other thing was that I hope I don't get headache or stomachache or else I'll die. But if it's stomachache, it's okay. There's a few lavatories to use and poop.

And to let you know, all your poop and pees are all stored in a truck and sent for burning O_O

Oh my god, I think I'm about to puke. Nah not really, I'm just saying. Cuz' it made me felt like it.

You people should know what I mean. Maybe there are some information I could take from this trip and put it on my storybook :D

Usually if you have any sickness, never get on a plane. And I mean...NEVER. Usually because the air pressure is high and you won't take it.

Trying to reduce it won't help at all. So you gotta stay at home. Mostly being in a plane... you'll puke the shit out of you.

And got sick. The plane actually has a vomit bag. Whenever you wanna vomit, you take the bag...and vomit in it.

Usually happens. But just make sure your pants are not pressing on your belly. You're gonna feel sick.

Another thing is ummm...I hope Dad or Mom booked a window seat. I actually wanna bring a camera. So I could film what's outside the plane.

Normally they inform you that you can't use it cuz' it'll send signals but cameras normally don't send signals at all. They're just a recording device.

Only phones and laptops sends out signals cuz' they send stuff to each other. I'll try my best to actually take a camera onto a plane.

Alright anyways, I gotta rest now. Feeling sick. Cya guys later. Remember to: Comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

The Boeing 777 part 2

Hey everyone...sup! :)

Today I decided to do another part of my review of the triple seven. I dunno, cuz' last night I didn't really have time and everyone is going to bed except for me.

So yeah, I had to shut my computer down before my Mom yells at me. Good thing she didn't. But I was able to stop using the computer.

Now, if you guys wanna see the first part of this review...
 Nice button, huh? >:)

It's found here

Now. Let's get onto the second part of this review. The Boeing 777 is like I said...awesome.

And...yeah I think it's the best plane I've ever seen. I like the plane that is flied by British Airways.
Yeah it has the blue base. And the tick at the front door. That's one nice detail. And of course, the text "British Airways" below it. And the engines are blue.

The tail is...well...nice. I didn't really have anything to say about it though. But overall, it's a great design :)

But an accident occurred with a Boeing 777 British Airways Flight 38. The plane who had lost power of it's both engines.

And crash landed onto Heathrow runway. The answer to this accident was that Flight 38 flew pass Russia where the weather condition is low in temperature.

Ice formed in the pipes that leads to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is pretty obvious that it converts cold fuel to hot fuel.

When the auto-pilot makes adjustment with the engines, the fuel then flows into the ices stuck onto the side of the pipes in the inside.

And dropped onto the tubes of the heat exchanger. The reason this ice molecules didn't went through the heat exchanger's tubes is because some of them sticks out.

Preventing the ice to get into the tubes. And also reducing engine power. I actually have a review of this Air Crash Investigation episode, to go there:
 There was one part at the beginning of the episode. After the theme intro...the plane starts flying by the screen. And the sound is just awesome.

Thanks for that. I dunno if 777 really sound like this. Cuz' I dunno if the sound matches to a real 777 engine.

But I hope so. Anyways, I'm not gonna continue talking about the British Airways accident.

Let's get onto the rest. Now, the 777 has two different models. One is 777-200 and another one is 777-300.

The 300 model is longer and carries more passengers. And yes, it's the model I'm using for my storybook :D

We have a graph here...that shows you how long and big the 300 model is compared to the 200 model:
Click to Zoom
Now. As tou can see, the 300 and the 200 are almost the same. But there are some differences that I will state out.

Similarities: Wingpspan, Height
Differences: Length, From nose to main gears. the 300 model is longer. You can zoom in on this graph to have a better look. And I suggest you do.

But I dunno which is better. The 200 is alright. I love that model. The 300 model is longer and it just looks something like the A340.

The long one. But let's not talk about the A340, shall we? Cuz' I don't really show any interest in that plane. But doesn't mean I don't like it, I do like it.

It's just's looks really thin and long. Doesn't look very nice to me. Not totally.

But yeah, I love this two models a lot. So 300 model, don't worry, I love you O_O

Oh my god, I'm loving a plane XD ahhahaha!!!

I treat it like a person even though it's not. The airline I'm using in my storybook is Lauda Air.
I like the red stripes that goes above the grey base. And the nice logo above the windows.

The engines are grey too. And the tail design is AWESOME!!!

Crap. I kept saying awesome over and over again. Maybe there should be another word I should use.

Ou ou, epic! Yeah, it's epic! I know some of you might asking is a plane...epic?

Well, I dunno I just think it is. Imagine someone doing a promo. And there is an actual promo from "Just Flight". Here:

TV 777 Professional Trailer by gma1

And yes, this is what I call...EPIC! >:D It has an awesome music. Wonder where it came from. I dunno how it's possible that the 777 is reversing from the gate by it's own.

Cuz' from what I know, planes are not cars. They don't have gear switches like cars do. Only tug trucks can push them back from the gate.

But I don't care, this video still looks awesome as heaven. Yeah, I never wanna say "hell" because hell isn't awesome.

And Just Flight actually has a product for this game :D Yay! A game, it can be either bought online or downloaded.

To download or buy online, click on this logo:

I'm gonna download it later. And jeez there's one part of the video where the back door opens. What the heck is that?

XD ahahaha!!!! But it's okay. For whatever reason there's okay. Maybe the food&water truck is delivering.

And I like the take-off part, where from far distance in the fog rain, the 777 comes out of nowhere, that's just really awesome.

Especially when there's music >:D
Oh yeah! Good thing there's British Airways in it. I dunno where's Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines. Maybe there are download archives.

That we can download to have those airlines on the list :)

This video is from Dailymotion. The reason I didn't wanna embed this video from YouTube is because the pixels are 240 and that's a very low quality.

I dunno if you guys wanna see the YouTube version...but if you want, here:
But it's the same...except for the quality of the video.  Qantas 777 is shown most in this video.

Maybe it's dedicated to them. The Qantas is leading this video. I also like the landing part of this video. It lands and the wing just flew past us :O

Epic. Oh it's time to go to download that game. See you guys later! Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)

The Boeing 777

I got bored now so I wanna talk to you guys about the Boeing 777.

This is my one and only favourite plane model. The rest is okay. But so far, the triple seven is the best.

When I was young, I use to love all the models. But now that I'm writing a storybook with the Boeing 777 in it, I just had to love it.

Like I said, the rest of the plane models are okay. I didn't say I hate them, I like them. It's just that I don't put much interest in them just yet.

So don't worry.

I've always wanted to ride on one triple seven. I did once...but I wanna do it again :D

My parents said I gotta study more often and get good results. So that we could ride on one. But I didn't study for that reason.

I studied because I wanna go to a higher level next year.

The triple seven has an amazing looking auxiliary power unit. Here's a pic:
 Incase you guys dunno what an auxiliary power unit is, it's that hole you see there at the end. The one behind the tail and the stabilizer. It's like...the whole thing is folded or like a paper with a side  stick to another side of another paper.

It looks amazing. The tube doesn't even stick out a little bit. It's flatten with the fuselage. Cool :D

And one more thing is the triple seven's massive engine. If I'm correct, the triple seven is the one and only with the biggest engine.

O_O Wow. How is it possible that this plane can fly with not just one massive engine... but two!? I think it's the wings that help to carry it.

With the engine nylon of course.

Wow...look at that beautiful engine. And those curved turbofans.

Oh oh, check this one:
The engine actually came from a 777 freighter. Yeah I was checking on this awesome 777 gallery. It contains a lot of 777 photos. Some of them are funny XD

Click here to view this awesome 777 gallery

I found it a few minutes ago. When I found that engine photo I just showed you. Not the 777 freighter engine.

The other one. And man...this photos are awesome. I wonder where he found it. He captured so many great screenshots. HD! :D

They have gigantic photo sizes. It comes from flickr. I don't usually go to flickr for images. I think that they sets of images.

Maybe flickr is the 1# image search engine. Like YouTube. Except that YouTube is for videos.

I'm not really sure. But I think it is.

Anyways. There are funny photos like this:
Good thing this didn't became an disaster. Or else casualties would've occur D:

The plane landed on it's right main gear.


Then the uploader captioned it as "Rollercoaster".

Lol :D Rollercoaster...good one. And yes, it's a joke. This are the best 777 takeoff videos I've seen so far:

Yeah I love this 777 take-offs. They have the pilots talking to the control tower :D

That's good...that's good. I like the Qatar Airways. It looks awesome >:)

The PIA, Singapore and Malaysia Airlines are cool too. In the Singapore Airlines, there's a British Airways 777 taking off.

The uploader should've filmed that one. Ah...but nevermind. That's not the plane he wanna film on. Or the subject.

But it is a 777 anyway. I love the engine sounds when the power up to maximum :O

They sound AWESOME! In fact, all the triple sevens have the same engine sounds. Mostly because it's build by Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce is the only engine industries that Boeings and Airbuses use. Probably because the engines look almost the same.

Except for different model, different engine model.

And I also like the main gears that the triple sevens have. It's 6! On each main gear.

Look at that panel, so nice shaped.

Man they just look awesome. Good thing people came up with this plane model. And...also the shape of the wing. It's so nice and simple. The engine is sharp.

This is actually a window view. Of course. I wish if one time I go onto a 777, the window view is like this.

Oh and one last thing, the cockpit windows.

The side widows curves real nice. It's a little bit straight. And those windows are better than any models I've seen.

Aw man...the triple seven is just awesome like heaven. Maybe I'll be in... 777 world.

Okay stop dreaming. Anyway, it's 1:28AM right now and I gotta go to sleep before my Mom yells at me.

So don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers :)

Bye :)