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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Star Trek 2013 -INTO DARKNESS- Movie Review (SPOILERS!)

Alright all you Trekkies!!! All you fans out there have been waiting for this movie to come out. But please, go watch the movie before you read this review. 

Unless you don't really give a shit about spoilers then hey! You're welcome. I'm just gonna review Star Trek Into Darkness first before I review Iron Man 3. Cause I felt like I need to review it right away because I watched it today.

Yes I'm reviewing it now that I got home after watching the movie. This is probably the first time I ever watch a movie on the first day it's released.

Usually because it's such on a convenient day. It's released today on a Thursday 16 May and it's the day my parents are always out of town and don't come back at night.

They're on a business trip pretty much every Thursday to Saturday so I was able to watch this shit right away :D This movie was watchable for me, almost. Almost? Why? I'll get to that part later. 

So let's start on the movie now shall we? Okai :D

Now Star Trek Into Darkness?'s an AWESOME MOVIE! I love it. Especially in this one it has some fan service. And I love the awesome visuals. 

Love the way the Enterprise moves here and there. Especially the part where Enterprise leaves the bay to warp out. This time we do get to see someone behind the window who is the one in charge of allowing the Enterprise permission to leave the gate.

I think it's pretty obvious why there's people behind that window. No you see there's one scene that when the Enterprise leaves the bay. We see a room with a window and there's a starfleet officer sitting. And we see the Enterprise on the other side of the window leaving the space dock.

Yeah that's what it's called. Good thing I remember as that's what it's called in the first movie back in 2009. 

This movie took 4 years of developing and making dude. Incredible. Some blockbuster movies take just 2 years or less to finish. This one took four. 

So yeah that's one of the amazing Enterprise visuals I've seen. Some are brought back from the first movie. Like one that I could remember was when the Enterprise falls to Earth because they've temporarily lost power. 

Kirk risk it all to go into the power core near the warp engines and the power core seems like has two arms that needs to come in contact in a straight line.

So that it could supply the entire Enterprise it's power. Yeah before they got all these attacks. Before all the fighting begin, they were warping into Kronos didn't go out of warp properly. 

It just seems like when the Enterprise goes out of warp, it's just tilt like as if it hits something. But they were good enough to actually go out of warp at the Kronos exactly. 

So in the beginning Kirk and the crew is one of their exploration trip. And yes, now we all realize that the Enterprise's purpose that it's an Explorer Starship. Meant for that. And we also did get to see the USS Vengeance.

Which is twice the size of the Enterprise. Yeah here's an image of the Enterprise face-to-face with the Vengeance starship.
Click here to see it in FULL SIZE (1920 x800)

Yeah it's like the dark color schemed version of the Enterprise.

Only the big major difference that's twice the size of the Enterprise. And it has more lighting outside than the inside. It's like the alternate physical appearance of Enterprise. The evil side of the Enterprise.

But it's the USS Vengeance as it's controlled by our asshole Admiral Alexandar who fired at our beloved Enterprise. The Vengeance was designed for combat and it's know for it's size. 

But we all know, the Vengeance is NO BIGGER than the Narada. The Narada is the biggest ship ever seen so far. That's because it's all alien borg tech and that it used to be a mining vessel.

So it has become a villainous ruthless weaponized ship called the Narada and it's crew leaded by Nero. 

And wow! I really get off track. We were suppose to talk about the beginning. I'm sorry, it's just that this movie has so many amazing things that I in some parts can't really keep track.

So they were this Class M planet named Nibiru. And the species that ruled the planet are these natives. They have freaking arrows and I was expecting better weapons. Arrows? Wow. Arrows, we invented arrows. At least make the arrow look spiky or some other shit that makes it look naturally cool.

It's these white crusted skin people. Yeah their skin is like covered with white ice particles or something. Or white sand. And they were yellow clothing.

They're kind of like Red Africans. Their entire eye is black. And their forest is all red. Nibiru is most likely to appear as an earth-like planet. So that's why everything is not so alien like. The environment, the weapons they use.

So apparently Kirk and Bones pissed them off for some reason and have to jump into their ocean where the big Enterprise is hiding. 

Yeah and the thing is, I really love the visual of the Enterprise here too. Take it like as if it's a painting. Of the Enterprise underwater. And then the two of them went into the escape pot empty slot and the water drains into the Enterprise for some supply. I dunno, I guess the water is some sort of the Enterprise needs.

Not unless it'll be dumped out of the Enterprise after it has been drained from the escape pod slot. I dunno. And Scotty complains of how long they've been in the water. They were there to save Nigiru's corrupting volcano. To save the civilization there. 

Spock went down to setup a device that when the timer has finished, it would disperse a massive amount of ice particles and freeze the entire volcano. 

I don't see how that would save us. The climate will change for Nigiru as they'll have snow everyday. And then Spock, Nyota and Sulu drops drives a shuttlecraft to the top of the volcano and land Spock onto a giant rock that is melting as the larva burns it. Spock lands on it.

And he sets off the timing device to freeze the volcano. But Spock refuses to save himself from the burning volcano as Kirk brakes a prime directive as they're not suppose to show the Nigiru natives their ship. I was with Kirk on this.

Why not? And I love it when the ship rises. It's definitely one of the fan services that I've mentioned earlier. Wait...did I? Yeah I did.

And then the ship flies to the volcano and beams Spock back to the ship. And Spock knew that Kirk has violated the directive. And made a report to Pike or Alexandar. I dunno :P

And Kirk thinks of Spock as an asshole. And Pike heard all about it and Kirk and Spock reported to Pike. And Pike speaks his words of dissapointment mostly on Kirk because of his denying act. 

So it just was there that Kirk has no right to be a Captain and Pike asks to have the Enterprise back as Kirk will assume command of being a first officer as Pike gives him a second chance. Yeah and the Nigiru people are like worshipping the Enterprise like it's  Poseidon or something. 

They were like "Whoa...." :O 

They're like "Is this a god? It's flying. We now worship this peculiar creature as it's a god to as, whoa... :O "

Then one of them drew the top view of the Enterprise. And I think that's where the title of the movie transits in. I love the transition though.

The Enterprise warps out with a trail of stars. And I love the idea that this time when they warp, the trail of stars are created. I dunno if they're trying to make this a disney movie or something. With all that sparkles and shit.

But I dunno about that effect and love it at the same time. But yeah I guess it's just fan servicing. So...yes :) Pike regains command of the ship and Kirk was as mentioned, downgrades to a first officer where he was first promoted back in the first film then became captain. 

Also Khan was a human that has been frozen for 300 years and now is a super genetically human which has super human strength.

He tricks a starfleet officer by saving his daughter yes. That's granted. What he gets in return was that he puts off some sort of ring that has some sort of extremely and highly explosive material that when contacts with water or any liquid, it's explosive is remarkable and it destroys Section 31 with that amount of radius.

Section 31, where that starfleet officer died in. And at the front of the movie. Khan was mostly disguised with his name called John Harrison. Which to me John is like the simplest names someone could come up with if they're faking it.

But to add a Harrison as a last name? Wow! Just wow. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just felt like mentioning it, that's all.

Then later in a STARFLEET headquarters in San Francisco. The highly ranked officers had a general meeting. Maybe it's not a general type of meeting. I dunno. 

And it's funny how all the officers have like these futuristic iPad like stuff on their tables. It's kinda interesting you see. When you look at an image. It's not even like an image.

It's more of an environment. It's like a 3d map. It's like you're in the crime scene but instead you're all seeing it on a futuristic iPad screen :)

Then when this strongly comes, Kirk riddles a happening that occurs when some sort of gunship that hasn't been revealed before is controlled by Harrison aka Khan. 

Attacks on the officers and it seems that Pike was the only officer that died. And it was really screwed up in the slightest moment.

It just sucked as Kirk didn't get a chance to prove that he can be responsible for his actions. And wow all the high ranked officers have these hats and awesome star shoulder batches. They're like stars that have a taller height than the width of each star and have like lines written all over on each one of them.

In this movie, all lot more new uniforms have been used. As Starfleet evolves. Or maybe that's just how it is in the Starfleet's building where only all the high-ranked officers have their office and where they hang out.


Smiley face :D

But I guess Pike would've died worse if he lived. So the death was a dark good tone to it. I'm not saying that I'm so excited that Pike is dead. No. I'm not.

So now he's dead, well. Kirk had no choice be to relinquish the command to himself. And take back command of the Enterprise as to show Pike in his deaths. 

Several officers were injured and sent to the medical bay for recovery.

Later, Kirk hungers for hunting down this ruthless man and warps into Kronos territory. Where Klingons live there.

The asshole Alexandar allows Kirk to take his crew to Kronos on the Enterprise. And Spock almost got transferred to another starship and another captain. 

And Klingons are always the bad guys so as they have nothing to do but declare war on the Federation of millennials to come. So Kirk, Uhura and Kirk with two other starfleet engineers trespass the Klingon world. 

Then a Klingon warbird attacks from behind by surprise and fails to hit the shuttlecraft that Kirk and the others were flying in. 

Yeah even there are new shuttlecrafts and gunships in this movie :\

They slide through a gap that only their ship of that size would fit. Really slim. But not as slim as a Macbook :D

Yeah yeah, that's not really working is it? Hmm... :\

So after they went through that gap. They surrender to the Klingons and Uhura requests Kirk to talk to the Klingons. And for the first time in my life, this is what the Klingons look like under that mask...

And that's one ugly looking Klingon. I expected better. And it was just that one moment of a glimpse. Then Khan somehow escaped and kickass the Klingons. I dunno, I am mostly assuming that Khan wasn't imprisoned.

The Klingon's face didn't even look this ugly dude. When they were masked like this...

It didn't even look anything like it. This one here didn't even show the slightest features on the face like they have in this movie. This sucks! I wanna see more Klingon faces.

All Klingons! I command you to show me your faces! Lol XD

The mask being off this Klingon's head is just another fan service where people have wondered what they look like. But I felt like it was just the short glimpse. Not really anything spectacular at this moment in point of time. 

I was a little psyched when I saw it just now in the cinema. Now it's just not a big deal as it was a few hours ago. 

So Khan kicked the ass out of all the Klingons and a warbird got hit and crash landed behind Spock. Spock, Kirk and two other engineers came out shooting out of their shuttlecraft. 

And Kirk got captivated by Khan's kick-ass moves. Oh yeah I really forgot to mention. Like the Enterprise was armed with 72 long-range photon torpedos and they look like they could really kill.

I dunno they look like some weapon taken from Star Wars or something. All that white and some red lines. And the missile is actually a capsule. Khan use to be in the capsule like these people did. Frozen.

They apparently have this group where a bunch of starfleet agents frost themselves for 300 years old and they think the world would change but it didn't. 

And our good friend Scotty here thinks that this torpedos are dangerous and begs Kirk not to use them to fire at Khan. Kirk refuses to disarm the torpedo away from the ship and this was kinda weird but mostly serious. 

Scotty resigns. But Kirk accepts the resignation and Scotty was like "Aw man I never thought Kirk would really accept".

Like Scotty just wanna say it in front of Kirk's face. So he resigned and fled back to Earth. Then our Chekov was shifted to becoming the chief engineer. And another pilot takes the con. 

And that's when our Carol Marcus comes in.

Yeah she's a chick. And she's an advanced weaponary scientist. Wow. It's times like these when a hot woman is actually good at something that feels tough to do but she does it with her amazing looks. Stunning! I wanna say :D

And there's just one scene that gives it all. Naked scene, with bra and underwear of course :P

She's not really that slim is she? Alice Eve is the actor role as Carol. 

And that's it. She just wanna change. For a moment there when she took off her clothes, I thought they were gonna kiss or have sex. But she was just changing and asking Kirk to turn around.

She didn't really react when Kirk looked back unknowingly and just told him to look back calmly :D

Then she just fled with the Enterprise with a fake last name that's that. And Spock later gets Carol and knows that she's using a fake identity in order to get aboard the Enterprise. 

And just incase you're wondering, I reading from Wikipedia as I'm typing this review. Lol XD Reading the plot.

And it appears that there were 72 exacted amount of torpedoes are aiming at him. Wow! You need THAT much to kill him? It's really unnecessarily weird. 

I mean, a few is already good. Then later when he got imprisoned onto the Enterprise's prison cell, it was revealed that he was Khan. And we really get to see more of the Enterprise. The hallway and everything.

The previous film. The Enterprise felt really compacted. We didn't really see big halls and everything. Now we see more infrastructure in the ship.

And...Khan was revealed as one of the "genetically augmented SUPERhuman". Wow, super. This felt like just the Extremis virus in Iron Man 3 though. But we'll talk about that when we get to it later.

And it was also revealed that Khan was the one that kept all those people in stasis and they're also superhuman like him. But they were never revived throughout the entire movie.

I guess Bones failed to revive them. I dunno :P And later we see a drunk ass Scotty with his alien pal which does nothing but sits on things. 

And Kirk orders Scotty to write down the coordinates. Which numbers I felt like I should remember but otherwise don't bother.

So as they found these people capsuled in the torpedoes. Khan answered Kirk's desperate questions of why they're in there when Bones and Carol found it out when the two of them fled to some random land on a planet to test it out. The land was like 95 percent nothing. It's just a flat land. Not mountains, not plants. Nothing. It's like Mars but in blue. 

To test this torpedo and and that's when they discover a human inside. Lol XD McCoy got his hand stuck in the torpedo. Ouch XO

So there were some secrets in this movie though. Then later Scotty along with his alien buddy fled to the coordinates Scotty received and he happen to find a secret dark black shipyard and wow that's a secret. He found it and suddenly the shipyard door opens and it was and black. 

Then he just sees lots of the USS Vengeance's shuttlecrafts and he just like disguises himself and pretends to be one of the shuttlecraft and went into the shipyard along with the Vengeance shuttlecrafts. 

I never really know what happen when I saw that scene. Like where are they you know :) Thanks Wikipedia :D

And now this big secret battleship named the Vengeance goes out of warp infront of the Enterprise. It looks so much bigger.

It's a combat ready battleship and it makes the Enterprise like a kid to the Vengeance. And Alexandar and the crew of the Vengeance wears special blue uniforms with black sleeves and shoulder parts.

Kirk doesn't want to hand Khan over and goes into warp. I find this rather peculiar. Kirk just refuses and not they warp. 

Unfortunately the Enterprise was no match as the Vengeance catched up and turned itself behind the Enterprise and fire it's weapons at the Enterprise. While in WARP! Wow. It's stunning to see a battleship attack a starship while in warp.

I bet if you attack some ship that's not in warp and attack that ship with your warp, I bet the shooting will be faster than light. Lol XD

And then the Enterprise goes out of warp. So everytime they go into warp it's like going into a stream. 

This reminds me of the turtle scene in Finding Nemo. The Enterprise just gets pushed out of the warp stream.

And of course the Vengeance got out of warp as well. 

The Enterprise was heavily damaged and was still partly operational. Kirk offers Alexandar with the receiving of the 72 bodies in the torpedoes. 

And then the asshole Alexandar doesn't want to and beams Carol into their ship. Oh yeah and Carol is the daughter of Alexandar. That makes her even more impressive. Lol XD

Just kidding, it's not something to be impressed while knowing that the father is an asshole. But she's still a lovely character :)

And he just orders back an attack on the Enterprise after hailing the surrender and exchangeable act.  But as they were about to shoot, we got our Scotty back! :D

Apparently he had his shuttlecraft boarded onto the Vengeance shipyard as he discovered. And yay :D

Then luckily for us, Khan was actually the designer of the Vengeance so with his knowledge, they had been able to access the Vengeance with Scotty's help to open the door and yeah :) Transport themselves to the Vengeance's bridge. 

But seriously I dunno why Kirk has to make Scotty shoot Khan and he just goes unconscious. I mean Khan cannot go down with just a blast of photon like this. 

I mean, you've seen what Uhura did, she beamed herself onto...ah nevermind, we'll get to that later. I just thought I mention this a little bit earlier :)

Khan later regains consciousness and beats the crap out of Kirk but then I think he pushed Kirk aside and fight Alexandar. Alexandar lost due to Khan's superhuman strength.

Khan end up crushing every bone in Alexandar's skull and they didn't wanna show that and I bet Alexandar's head is flat or jelly. His skin cracked? The eye probably pop out too.

But there wasn't really any blood splatter so Alexandar got his skull crushed. And Carol screams. Whic some of you might've saw what her face looked like when she screamed. She opens her mouth and say ahhh... but of course she's screaming. 

It was the worst scream act Alice Eve could ever come up with :P

So Khan beamed Kirk, Scotty, and I think Uhura was in there too. I dunno for sure :\

And Khan goes all like "Not ship is without her captain" and then Kirk and Scotty got beamed onto the prison cell in the Enterprise and from I just assumed... "oh oh D: "

So Khan beams the 72 torpedoes from the Enterprise to the Vengeance and Khan was definitely making a mistake. It appears that the 72 stasis humans had already been taken out from the torpedoes and kept in the cargo of the Enterprise.

And the torpedoes are still torpedoes....

...Alright after a long amount of paragraphs. Now to get to the unfortunate event that happened to me. Wait...

When the Enterprise and the Vengeance warp to Earth with their alignment intacted. They arrived at Earth and Khan was like so pissed. 

Khan got tricked and they exploded the torpedoes in the Vengeance and it falls to Earth's atmosphere. And wow everyone thought it was the Enterprise that falls into Earth in the movie trailer.

But it was the Vengeance. Yay!

Then the Enterprise lost power as the power core has physically lost contact. And fails. The ship soon slants and starts falling towards Earth. But they somehow regain control and the ship rises from the clouds with minimal backup power. 

And this was the part that I missed. I had a bladder that's like about to explode and I had to find my way to the bathroom and I forgot to take my ticket with me to show proof that I'm watching in that theater that's showing Star Trek Into Darkness.

Then there was also one scene where they the other Nimoy Spock reveals himself. And it just for that short moment. It's just that.

The Nimoy Spock is like "Hello Mr.  Spock" and the Quinto was "Mr. Spock :O ". Lol XD Then they just talk into knowing who this bastard is (Khan) and whether did Spock achieve in defeating Khan. And he said yes. 

It was just that one moment. Now I really don't mind actually. At least come on! Nimoy got some screen time! :D

I wouldn't be like "What was that for? Why did he show up? o_O ".

And when I went to go take a piss at the restroom in the cinema, I missed out the part on where the Vengeance was spotted crash landing onto the ocean and destroying some parts of London. 

So yeah I just discovered that in the movie, everything was taken part in the Academy. Wow :) And there were quite a few aliens we see on the ship. There's this one bald dude with weird eyes and had this circle display on the back of his head.

And he had a robotic voice so he's a cyborg with human appearance mostly. Wow :) I remember in the first Star Trek movie. There's one woman with large eyes. That's special :\

So I also missed out the part on how Khan met up with Spock or Spock met up with Khan. I dunno. I also dunno where the ships come from where Spock and Khan are fighting :P

So they fought and later with Spock losing to Khan, Kirk beamed Uhura onto the ship that Spock and Khan are fighting on. And see what I told you? Khan couldn't even go down with a single phaser beam. 

And Spock regain some guts and break Khan's arm. And Khan landed onto the ceiling of the ship that the two of them are fighting on.

Oh yeah, and Kirk died in this movie. Temporarily :) He was the one who forced the power core to be once again operational and the Enterprise rise back up and boom above the clouds. And Vengeance falls to it's depths. And really I just wish I could watch this movie again. But I still need some of the money that I took from my mom to watch Pacific Rim when it comes out at the end of July.

Yeah I gonna watch that :) 

So I have to wait until we probably watch the film somehow my parents come home from their trip.

Alright! Where were we? Oh yeah!

So after I got my toilet rush, I was at the part where Khan and Spock started fighting. And then Uhura tells Spock not to end Khan as they need his blood.

Bones already lost some of Khan's blood as Bones took it when they captured Khan earlier and imprison him in the Enterprise.

So Kirk died and yeah, Spock cried. It's the first time I see Zachary Quinto in his Spock ears and uniform crying. Lol XD

Luckily I didn't miss that part. But I also think it was a sad moment. So at the end. Khan resumed his stasis as he is together with the 72 stasis bodies. Let's make it 73 now :D

And he is left defeated with a broken arm joint :) Eh but I'm assuming they had a deal with Khan. Extracted another dose from Khan's bloodstream and injects it into Kirk. 

And Kirk survives and now he is most likely to live with superhuman blood :D Nice. Now Kirk can obliterate skulls like Khan :D

I dunno, maybe :P

So with everyone we know alive


We are good :) And Sulu must've missed sitting on the Captain's chair. Lol XD So it was the same thing. Enterprise is back to it's adventures and we're good :)

I really hope I do get to see the film again even if it has to be with my family. I just wanna see the stunning visuals again :D And watch the part I missed out on. 

Alright so yeah this is an awesome movie. I give it a 9 and a half out of ten. It's an AWESOME movie :)

I'll most likely be willing to buy the DVD when it comes out. Pacific Rim too :) Oh well, today has been a great day. And thanks for reading my review completely.

You must've so much time :D Thanks :) Alright so...

Yeah I love the speech at the end of the movie though. Otherwise both movies have the same tone. And yeah, love the movie 

Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Or TREKKIES! :D

Okay bye XD