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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scary Movie 1(2000) Movie Review

Hey wass up everybody? Sam H. Collends here. Okay. So I've seen the movie "Scary Movie". 

It's one of those parody movies that you laugh about it everyday. Now, the first Scary Movie is a parody of Scream: The Movie. 

Ya it's actually suppose to be funny. And uhhhh...the only part was that this movie was inappropriate.

There was some parts where there was sexual intercourse occuring. And I'm gonna tell you that THAT...IS DISGUSTING!!!

I dunno why parody movies this days are so stupid to put censored things...uncensored!!!

I was like...what the hell man.

 Okay the end of this video gave me the laughs out. Ya! But ya, see what I'm talking about?

When the guy is peeing in the cubical. The killer put a stupid hole in the wall. 

And then when he put his ear there. The killer(who was hiding behind the wall) touch his ear with that stupid piece of shit!

I dun wanna say what it is. It's sort of like the tube thingy that you use to pee. YAKK YUKK!!!Ya that's why, I HATE THAT PART!!!Really man, what the hell.

And then he tell the killer to do it again! And then the thing happened. The thing...WENT through his ear.

Look I dunno okay. So dun ask me for anything. Just watch the damn vid and you'll know what I mean. I hate that part, hate hate hate.

Okay. About the ending, ya the ending of this vid was the biggest and funniest scene.

The killer was sitting beside her and she didn't even turn to her right to see who it is. Wow I dunno. But if I go to the cinemas one time.

And a stupid black woman who kept shouting out loud. Like how she did in the video.

Also if there's a killer beside her and I can see that dagger, I seriously take that piece of pointy thing and stab her.

I dunno if I'll do it. You see, I'm not normally a violent person so...ya. I dun like blood and fleshy all over the place.

Especially like the movie Piranha 3D. Ya that make the crap come out of me. Shit! Why did I say that? I almost puke myself.

Anyway, ya there was one monk sitting right there and he was taking  a samurai sword and he shouted... JACKIE CHAN!!!!

I fell off my chair and laughed continuously. No actually I didn't fell of my chair. I'm just saying. Oh my god, you gotta see the ending of this video.

It's funny. 

Okay. So ya. This isn't much of a review anyway. I just basically wanna share what I think about this movie so uhhh... ya cya guys! :D

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