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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me watching star trek xi 2009 this days

Me watching Star Trek this days is really good though. I know, I'm crazy. Sorry, cuz I'm like a fan of Star Trek. 

Which I've told you days ago. Okay, I dun like watching the old series of Star Trek and especially the New Generation.

That enterprise sucks. In fact, all enterprise sucks except for xi 2009 new enterprise. Thanks JJ Abrams. You rock!

Even though you look sort of like a dork. It's okay, I dun like mook about you. Cuz' it's no good. Never will be. Anyways, I watched it like hundreds of times cuz I really like the awesome movie and sound effects. Every effective of this movie rocks! EVERYTHING!

In fact, I sometimes act like as if I'm a star ship that can warp through space. And I dunno, warping through space, won't the ship hit something? I dunno.

But it feels awesome though.

And besides, I'm gonna watch the movie, AGAIN! But later, I'll see if I have time. Ya I'm not sure. But I'll see you guys later, bye.