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Monday, June 27, 2011

The AFK Noob counter strike parody and TF3...

I found this video a few minutes ago and I dunno, I think it looks good so I decided that I should review it :D

I like the part where the Dutch terrorist(who is the AFK) says "I kill terrorist, I do good". 

Haha! Good line said right there. Although the blood was fake. Looks like garlic chilli or something. Like the ones you use in McDonald or something.

Wow, I've never really heard of wabbits before. Maybe...they're another kind of rabbit from the 21 century :D

XD Lol 

Flying wabbits? Must be flying rabbits. From the start of the game. The two terrorists and the AFK spawn. 

Cosmo is the best character I've seen. Look at him, he's so freaking cool. Got that mask with two eye holes that is seperated. And those fierce eyes ):< Ya!

Yeah! When they spawned. Deno said " I hate sporting, make my hair all flic.... 

XD Lol

I couldn't stop laughing. I think what he really meant was that when he does a sport, his hair flicks. Weird. I dunno, but it's funny.

And then Cosmo turn to him and XD


I like it when people turn to another one like this. It looks really funny. And then Cosmo was like "Hey! Who are you?"

And then Deno said..."I'm Deno...dude!" Haha, cool.

I dunno why the AFK is called Scooballs. And that Cosmo has a real name. Deno and Scooballs are obviously not real names at all.

And yeah the bomb that they make looks really really realistic :D

But I dunno if it's really easy to do or not. Takes some time to put the entire thing together ):

Lol, when the bomb is about to explode, it says "pwnd".

Haha, nice one dudes. One thing is notice when Scooballs killed Deno, there's actually a guy standing right there when Deno is dying in slow motion.

Wonder what he is standing there for. And yeah, the way Deno and Scooballs dies is retarded. 

I mean...come on! Listen to that stupid freaking sound. It's retarded. But seriously, I'm not offending the person who made this parody.

I'm just saying. And at 1:06 I dunno why the heck Cosmo squad down when he's examinig Scooballs. Maybe...maybe he squads to suck his balls or something O_O

Sorry you had to read that. But anyways, I'm JUST SAYING, I'm not being serious and all. Okay?

And the three terrorists must've found an abandon warehouse to make this video. You can obviously tell.

I seriously don't really know what's a gaymor. What's that? If you're telling me it's another word for gay...then, okay. 

Or perhaps another meaning is there? I dunno. You can put your answer in the comment section below.

And Lol, Connection Error. Lag dance :D 

"Are you admin? Add me to your friends list"

He's talking about Steam. Obviously. I'm pretty sure this is a dedicated server that has no one on it. 

But I dunno, is Cosmo really the admin? Or is it no one? I hope Cosmo is. Cuz' he's awesome.

And at the end of this video. They were rocking their heads out. Lol :D

I guess this people are gamers. Obviously. And...that's one big headphone.

Anyways, I'm gonna watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon with my cousins during the weekend.

School has started and that's pretty much okay to me. I'm not really those kind of people who would be like..."Aw man, school has started!" and stuff like that.

No. I'm okay when school has started. Even though today seems like a normal day. Jeez, I hope I could really go watch TF3 ):

It's gonna be hacking awesome *eye twitches*

Lol :D

And yet, I'm watching with my cousins :D This is gonna be awesome. And yeah, I'm gonna review the movie soon after I watch it :)

I dunno why I always put emoticons. Heh heh...

Although, I would really like to see Megatron and Sentinel Prime in the movie trailers. Oh yeah, and TF Prime episode 16 has came out :D

But I may review it later. Now it's not the time. I haven't asked my mom yet for permission if I could go and watch it with them.

Cuz' the day hasn't reached near there yet. So yeah, gotta find the right time to ask her. I think...she'll say yes.

Normally because we and my cousins know each other very well. And of course, we're related.

Dumbass =_=

Sorry. But anyways, yeah hope to see you soon. Don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers.

Bye :)