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Monday, January 16, 2012

Smurfs (2011) Movie Review

 Man this is so smurfy. And smurfsome too. Lol XD

I obviously love this movie. And this poster I use here. Awesome :D The smurfs squeeze into one poster. Smurfsome.

And everytime I use a smurf word I get spelling errors. Lol XD But this computers ain't got the smurf in them. 

I just dunno why Papa is wearing those 3D glasses. I mean just because the movie is in 3D, doesn't mean you gotta have one character that wears 3D glasses.

Lol smurfsome XD Gargamael is wicked, I gotta admit. I love Gutsy. He's so awesome :D No smurf left behind! Not papa, not you!(Clumsy).

They didn't even put Grandpa Smurf in it. Oh well...I think they probably have difficulty with him. Or maybe not, they just didn't bother.

Maybe there'll be a second sequel, I dunno. And this to me, I dunno maybe girls also anticipate this. But I dunno there's just something I really like about the Smurfs.

I also hate to use this word for them's cute. I would rather say it's awesome. Okay that word isn't smurfed.

But who cares :( Gutsy was specially created for this movie. For some reason they wanted someone to be Scottish and have the guts to do things.

I like Narrator too, awesome. Tom Hanks' voice. Was it him? I dunno. Or is that even his name. I'm not mocking him. If I was I would be messing around.

But Tom Kanes is awesome, love his voice though. Although he's one of those narrators that fits movies like this. That's good though :)

Although I never saw Narrator being in the old series. This was the only predictable image of what he could look like in the old series...
Well I dunno. In the movie he plays almost a part of a big roll.

But I dunno, maybe this couldn't be his real look in the smurf movie. 

And lol XD The word 'Smurf' doesn't even get faulty on the web dictionary.

I actually like Clumsy's voice in the old series. He has a texican accent. Gosh...he sounds so hilarious with that accent.

Haha :D And Painter, with that french accent. Nice :) Love the red jacket and big black bow tie.

Eesshh...he was in the movie if you didn't notice. Or did...I dunno, nevermind. Yeah it was somewhere around there when he made Baker invent some new food.

Yeah it's the part where he messed up the ice sculpture. And yes yes! Painter was standing there making it. Well then the sculpture came back on.

I find it hard to believe that Painter could still perfect the sculpture. But who cares really...

Well apparently Lazy and Sneezy didn't appear. Those two are just having the high kiddy voice I've heard. 

So cute X3

And if any of you still got searching for the credits song, it's this song that the blog is obviously playing right now.

Yes the name is "Ready to go" by Panic! At the Disco. Some of you may have hear of this due to some of their songs. I dunno if you do but hacking should I know.

Here's the official music video... Well there might be one question about this music. Where is he going? Lol XD

I dunno, maybe I just didn't pay close attention to the lyrics or something. There maybe a video where the band explains it.

But I dunno okay? I dunno. 


I had to say the animation of this movie is impressive like the others. Also because Sony Pictures made this awesome animations.

Well, I dunno other animators also have the same technique when it comes to this kind of characters. Hehe :)

Man...I wish I could somehow be a smurf in the smurf village :D I would be called...Filmy Smurf. Lol XD I dunno I'm trying to think one of the things I like.

And yet movies is one of my favourite things to do. Or less to say, hobbies.

I honestly think Brainy isn't so hateful in this movie. He's just like every nerd in my school. But well, he's a special one. 

Specialty is...Albert. 

Gutsy was created obviously because no smurfs have orange side burns and a blue fluffy ball attached to their hats. 

I just dunno who got the idea to create Gutsy the scottish smurf. I like it when he got the "I <3 NY" boxers under his kilt. Okay actually it's a pants but yeah...heck me.

Hehe :D

And there never will be. Cuz' smurfs series have been finished since it's an old show. Unless if Peyo is still alive and decides it's time smurfs get through our cartoon animations.

His ideas would be what we can think of. I just hope there's a new cartoon show of Smurfs. But with all the ideas of episodes already created in the 1950s...who's to ask for it?


I like Papa too. He's getting too old for this. But look he could survive throughout the entire film. Lol XD

Besides Smurfs have no limits towards aging. I mean look at Papa, he's 546 years old. And I don't even know how old Grandpa is. Hmm...

Let me check. Let's see...Dang it! WAS IT RIGHT! :D He is twice Papa's age. Amazing. That means he is...holy sh**. He's 1092 years old. Wow :O

Two old people with the age of 546 and 1092. I love it when my first thoughts came true :I

And Smurfette? Yeah a lot of girls kept paying attention to her. Seriously what the heck dude. Why can't girls have interest in other smurfs.

Come on!

And smurfs are not only for girls! 

So shut your trap if you think it's for girls. And please, I'm a teenager. And I didn't mean the begging. 

Just so you know that I'm a teenager. Smurfette...I like the part at the beginning where the smurfs throws her up in the air during the dance in the Blue Moon festival.

And wow :O Papa has vision potions. Didn't notice that. Maybe there was one part in a episode where he used vision potions.

I dunno. I'll find that episode on YouTube myself. Yes I watch old smurf episodes these days. Heck I love all smurfs! X3

I do agree that thinking the heart is always the lovely-est thing to do. But somehow I think that's what some fathers do. 

Some fathers that is.

Oh well, I don't have to go complaining about bad fathers. But that's not what I'm gonna bluffer about.

I also didn't have any problems getting the Smurfs back home. I mean come on, you rather leave a damaged smurf village? We have Builder and Architect smurfs you know.

I love how they rebuilt it to the looks of New York. And I thought the smurferminium works for them. I mean if you watch one episode where Architect builds a condominium with Builder...that one failed. 

They even build the Statue of Smurfberty. Lol XD Smurfberty. Suppose it's liberty but...they're Smurfs. So...yeah :|

I bet Smurfette would love it because she looks a lot like the statue. 

And look at this sh**, Peyo looks so promising and wonderful. This is the search results I got [link] 

I think I should use those brackets everytime I give you a link. Yes the text "[link]" is actually a text that allows you to type anything you want people to click on.


Hehe :D

I am humbled by Peyo's works. Man of all the things in the world, man has created amazing things. I just can't seem to pick which one is the best. 

Like there's some many artists that created awesome music. Epic films. So many things that just blow my mind. Not literally O__O

I hate to die. I love to live. I hate the fact that there's a phrase said "Anything that has a start, has an end".

I hate that. But this quote/phrase usually depends of the subject matter at hand. So it's like...God can live forever. Fairies...other things that is heavenly.

And can you believe some of my friends don't even believe in gods? Shhshh...

Gods are the people who created us. They are the ones who gave us spirits. Our soles are just one tiny drop of God.

And Peyo created them. He's the god :D The only god. 

By them I meant smurfs.

I love the bridge that Clumsy was running on. And uh hey...can't anyone tell me who's the smurf who flied in with Farmer Smurf?

I want to know :) Yeah glad that Farmer was in there. I'm not gonna show you all of them here because it's 00:37 right now and I ain't got that much time with school happening tomorrow.

Just start off by clicking the subjects of the making on this list

Oh well...I've wasted enough time here. Just wish there were more things to talk about since my mom wanted me to go to sleep right now.

I give this movie 5 out of 5. I hope you all enjoy the movie too. Comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)