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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen LG Versa commercial(funny)

I found this commercial that SO funny. Which is hilarious too. Wait, I thought hilarious and funny have the same meaning. Wait, I'm talking shit. Not I'm not, LOL. 

Anyways, ya this was 2 years ago and what the hell am I doing? A guy who has been fans of Transformers 1,2 and 3. 3 which hasn't came out yet. 

Only the trailers did. It's on TV now too. That's good, but the people who find the trailers gotta be more updated. 

There's another trailer which has some new short scenes in it. They should do it. But I bet they dun care about my blog. I dunno.

But anyways, this trailer was awesome. The end of it was hilarious. Optimus was all like "A decepticon...a decepticon"

I dunno. But it was awesome when the LG Versa turns into a LG Camera, LG GPS and a LG Laptop. I dunno but I think the company make the phone transform to their company products.

Anyways, then halfway a protoform Rampage comes here which looks like Grindor or Blackout, I dunno who.

 I dun even know why they put the protoform Rampage a head scalp of Grindor. They made fans think this and that. THAT'S CRAP!A BIG PIECE OF CRAP!!!

But nevermind, I'm fine with it. So Michael Bay dun get so though on someone you dunno. Okay sorry for what I said if you hate me or whatever. 

Aw you won't care. But anyways. I laugh out loud when he screamed. He was like "aaahhhhhhh!!!" 

The way he screamed what so funny that my pants went down to my ankles. Lol.  

Anyways, I love this guy. He make my hair stand up. Nah I'm just kidding...

So watch it, you may find it kind of lame. I dunno, depends on your opinion and stuff that I dunno. Anyways, this is just a crappy post on this blog. 

But just feel free to: