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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tron Destiny?

 There's this awesome trailer that I've just watch. I don't care if it looks fake a little bit but this is Tron Destiny :D

Oh my god...I just dunno. When Kevin sacrificed all that stuff...what happened? I only saw everything rounded up into a star. What's that?

Oh my god...Kevin destroyed everything he created. But maybe not...somehow they're able to reconstruct everything that has been destroyed. 

Hope so. There's the trailer. Oh my god it's so awesome. They even have a poster like this:
Looks awesome doesn't it? :D Oh my god please please please.


I don't wanna lose the movie just like that. Seriously I want everything back. And it has been a long time since everyone have not been talking about a TRON movie. 

I do hope the story producers or whatever you call them...come up with another idea to bring back the grid and everything. And most of all...

Kevin Flynn, Tron. Everything. Not everything vanished. Tron fell into the pool and he turned blue. That doesn't even tell me it's ending.

I still wish something best would happen. And can you even believe it? My review of Tron Legacy is so short. Cracky huh? Well I was really sad that time so I wasn't really in a mood to express everything.

I also have the same wishes as I posted there. Oh my god...I feel like watching this trailer over and over again. I really can't wait for the next one.

I dunno maybe those scenes were from Legacy. Hope not, cuz' if it's new...awesome! They would have another movie for TRON :D

Clearly no one declared that it's the one and final movie they'll make. Besides, it's just one can the franchise end that early?

Well the TRON official site is still the same. It's still on the Legacy stuff. The crew and everyone who made TRON Legacy live it like this and did nothing to it.

But I guess they're gonna plan for a new TRON movie. I bet they are...AND I WANT IT SO FREAKING BAD!!! I tell ya...I can't even explain how much I want another movie to come out.

Holy sh**. 

Although at the end...I feel sad though ;(

Why does Kevin have to die? Why D; !?

Anyways I hope another one really comes out and I think I've already said that. I don't care, I just want it real bad that's all. Well that's all I have to say. 

I'll talk more about it if I have to next time or maybe tomorrow. Okay? ;) I promise. Remember to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye ;)

Gelly or Slops

Now that's not a vote or whatever that you see on the title. Has nothing to do with the title at all. Depends :P

Anyways I got bored so I decided to post something. Which is usually what I do when I get bored. Blog. 

Well I don't blog everytime. Of course, I mean you can't just keep blogging. What's that gonna do? Okay one thing is for sure.

Everyone can read it when you post it to the public. Obviously o_O

Anyways that's not what we're gonna talk about. Again. Well you know some soap and stuff like that? Yeah. 

There's some soap which is liquefied. Well of it is. When you wipe it on your palm or the entire's like nothing. It's there but the layer of this soaps are thin.

And that sucks cuz' it feels like there's no soap. Sometimes it makes me feel afraid that I'll still smell like sh** when I came from school and other places.

When you use the one like thick and rocks like heck. I don't swear, sorry. Except for using sh** or suck. 

Anyway, shut up (kidding). Yeah those you can see the layers on your body. And it's easy to rinse it off after you've done putting them on your entire body. 

It's easy to get them off your body and soon you'll feel the rubby feeling. Which tells you that your skin is completely clean by the soap.

If you have ever tried this before. Bath twice. I know this sounds crazy but...

This happens after you came from swimming and you didn't use soap at the bathing cubical. Just rinse off all the chlorine off your body. 

Which is not clean because not all of the chlorine gets off your body. They're naughty, they like to stay on your body and keep it smelling like this for no reason of course.

So you go home...take one bath...then when you wanna change to your pyjamas...take another bath. That way you'll get totally clean and your skin will feel totally smooth and well.

Just make sure no one is sticking around. Not literally. Well if you don''s gonna feel really rough and damned. And trust me, you won't like it unless you're not much of a hygiene freak.

Well if you don't wanna follow my footsteps. I'm fine with it. And I know I know :( I'm crazy. 

The worst thing is that if you don't wash hand after you pee or poop. That's the worst part. If you touch your urine or poop...and if you don't use soap. 

It's all part of not touching things outside the toilet. You want everyone to touch your pee and your poop? Disgusting. Even if you don't wash your hand after you pee...

It's still disgusting. You want people to smell your dong without even knowing? No right? I don't care if it won't kill me. But it's hygiene that matters.

You may get any viruses, bacteria and germs or parasites. And you don't even know. Most people don't even watch documentaries that shows infection of viruses, bacteria, germs and parasites.

Cuz' they're lazy bumps to watch those. No offense but if you guys don't want me to offend you, go watch it. Duh. 

Anyways, don't forget to comment, share and get more viewers. Bye :)